Special Offers

Birthday Specials

Indulge in a stylish birthday celebration with exquisite cuisine, delightful surprises, ...
per person
IDR 250,000++

Classic Arisan

Craft an atmosphere of refined elegance as you celebrate a delightful rendezvous ...
for 10 persons
IDR 2,500,000++

Royal Javanese Tea

Channel the opulence in you by savoring a soul-soothing gourmet tea assortment, appetizing bites
for 2 persons
IDR 250,000 nett

Iconic Ecotourism Menu

For over a decade, Plataran has been committed to incorporating the country’s nature, culture, and community into its endeavors. In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we proudly present a selection of Indonesian specialties; dishes that embody the flavors of our homeland.

Udang Kemangi

Prawn, turmeric, kemangi leaf, green tomato, chili, shallot, limo lime
per serving
IDR 179,000++

Pepes Gindara Bunga Kantan

Black cod, torch ginger flower, turmeric, shallot, limo lime, coconut oil
per serving
IDR 119,000++

Ayam Bakar Cincane Urap Pohpohan

Half spring chicken, cincane sambal, sweet soy sauce, pohpohan leaf, caramelized grated coconut,...
per serving
IDR 169,000++

Lodeh Siput Kedondong

Escargot, kedondong leaf, chayote, papaya, long bean, corn, eggplant, soya milk, coconut milk, ...
per serving
IDR 139,000++

Sapi Kecombrang

Tenderloin, torch ginger flower, lime leaf, kemangi leaf, mushroom, long bean, chives, . . .
per serving
IDR 129,000 ++

Kenikir Chips

Kenikir leaf, flour
per serving
IDR 59,000 ++

Salad Beluntas Menjangan

Beluntas leaf, chicken, coconut, long bean, chili, limo lime, tempeh crumbles, shallots, peanuts . .
IDR 69,000++

Our iconic cuisines have been served across our establishments from the west to the east of Indonesia, with the utmost respect for our heritage and pioneering role in ecotourism.

Royal Javanese Tea

transform your afternoon into a magnificent royalty affair.
for 2 persons
IDR 250,000 nett

Traditional Elixir

From Natural Indonesian Herbs Richness
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Sekoteng Loteng

A healthy treat that's sure to satisfy and leave you feeling revitalized.
Starts From
IDR 69,000++