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Plataran Menjangan, May 20th 2021

Plataran Menjangan Awarded as Best of the Best Resort in Tripadvisor Traveler's Choice 2021 Top Safari Stays - World Category

Plataran Menjangan claims its rightful spot as one of the world’s top safari destinations – the sole awardee from Indonesia and Asia (excluding India) - reinforcing its status as a true champion for world ecotourism and sustainability development.

12 March 2020

Indonesia Destinasiku - Indonesia Incorporated

Indonesia memiliki akar kebudayaan kuat dalam kebersamaan, pluralisme serta gotong royong. Kebersamaan dan gotong royong telah dibuktikan dalam berbagai tantangan pra-kemerdekaan maupun setelahnya yang dihadapi Indonesia, termasuk peristiwa bom Bali, wabah SARS dan krisis finansial khususnya terhadap industri pariwisata.

8 March 2020

Plataran Borobudur Hotel and Resort: Kepedulian Plataran dalam Bencana Tanah Longsor di Dusun Butuh, Borobudur

Magelang, 8 Maret 2020 - Plataran Borobudur Hotel and Resort memberikan bantuan kepada masyarakat Dusun Butuh, Borobudur. Plataran menunjukkan kepeduliannya terhadap masyarakat sekitar dengan memberi bantuan berupa alat berat dan tenaga bantuan dari karyawan Plataran dalam rangka menanggulangi bencana tanah longsor di Dusun Butuh, Borobudur.

Jakarta, 30 December 2019

Indonesia Travel Tourism Awards 2019

Plataran Indonesia has been named the overall winner in two separate categories at the 2019 Indonesia Travel Tourism Awards (ITTA 2019). The group was named Indonesia’s best Luxury Hotel Chain, while Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa also came away with the prestigious title of Indonesian Resort of the Year.

Hutan Kota Plataran, 23 December 2019

Jakarta's New Icon - Hutan Kota By Plataran (Light of Nusantara)

Operating under the tagline, "Light of Nusantara", these central themes are combined with cosmopolitan facilities, all in one location. The project aims to be an inspiration to Jakarta’s citizens, while also showcasing the glory of Indonesia to the world.

Bali, 2 November 2019

Plataran Menjangan Xtravaganza 2019: Millennials For The Forest

Xtravaganza is one of Plataran Indonesia’s events highlighting "culture, music and environment", held regularly throughout the year at Plataran hotels and resorts across Indonesia. The most recent iteration of the festival was Plataran Bromo Marathon Xtravaganza 2019.

Mata Langit by Plataran, 14 October 2019

The Sun Through God's Eyes

This November, Plataran Indonesia will unveil the newest addition to the group's range of spellbinding locations and experiences dotted around the Indonesian archipelago: Mata Langit by Plataran.

Jakarta, 09 October 2019

Indonesia Kembali Menerima Penghargaan Dunia Untuk Global Human Settlements Award On Planning & Design Serta Revitalisasi Hutan Kota Oleh Plataran

Pada tanggal 6 September 2019 bertempat di United Nation Conference Center di Addis Ababa Ethiopia, "Plataran Menjangan (L'Harmonie), Taman Nasional Bali Barat" kembali menerima penghargaan dunia dari Global Human Settlement Awards untuk kategori "Perencanaan dan Desain" (Planning and Design)"

Bali, 02 October 2019


This November, Plataran L’Harmonie will host Plataran Menjangan Xtravaganza 2019 in West Bali National Park. As a True Indonesian Icon; and in line with Plataran’s commitment to supporting local communities, preserving the natural environment and conserving wildlife; this iconic annual celebration sets out to increase public awareness of coastal and marine ecosystems.

Plataran, 24 September 2019

Plataran L'Harmonie – West Bali National Park: Plataran Becomes First Indonesian Hospitality Company Awarded At Global Forum On Human Settlements (GFHS)

Once again, Plataran Indonesia has won an international award for excellence in the field of sustainability and conservation through its Eco Tourism Development division - Plataran L’Harmonie in West Bali National Park, Indonesia.

Plataran, 13 December 2018

Plataran Indonesia Received 4 Tri Hita Karana 2018 Bali Awards

Group of Plataran Bali is pleased and honoured to have received four prestigious awards in recognition of our significant achievements in implementing Tri Hita Karana values into Plataran Hotels & Resorts in Bali.

13 May 2018

Experience The Holy Month Of Ramadan At Plataran Venue And Dining

Enliven this holy month of Forgiveness and Reflection that comes with an opportunity to gather and share Ramadan spirit with your family and friends, Plataran Venue and Dining; Plataran Menteng, Plataran Dharmawangsa, Patio Jakarta and Teras Dharmawangsa, has prepared Ramadan’ specials for you to enjoy.

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