Carefully crafted by Plataran Indonesia’s team of culinary experts, Hutan Kota by Plataran provides menus to suit every occasion. For corporate events, weddings and private gatherings, each venue can offer a choice and combination of buffet, food stalls, high tea and free flow soft drink and alcohol packages. The food menu serves up a wide array of classic Indonesian, Asian and western fare, providing a flavour of the archipelago with an international twist.

Ayam Dharmawangsa

This signature chicken dish bears the name of the restaurant that created it, and embodies the venue’s affection for the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia. Combining hearty, succulent breaded chicken with the sweetness of mango and a sour and spicy sauce, this recipe is Indonesia’s vibrant diversity in microcosm. Added to the mix is the world’s largest citrus fruit, the pomelo. This native of Southeast Asia is traditionally served up for special occasions and festivals; looking and tasting like a large grapefruit, it adds a flash of colour and an extra pinch of Asian heritage to this distinctive dish.

Dendeng Batokok

The Indonesian equivalent of jerky, Dendeng Batokok is thinly sliced strips of beef that’s air-dried, seasoned and fried. Its creation is attributed to the Minangkabau people; matrilineal societies from western Sumatra who have passed recipes down from one generation of mothers to the next, like priceless culinary heirlooms. Many years ago, these tribes (also known as ‘the people of the plains’) would dry their meat so it could be preserved for days and taken on long journeys. 

This was the perfect fuel for exploration, pilgrimage, trade and conquest; or for working terraced rice fields and orchards of fruits, vegetables, tobacco and cinnamon. Today, Dendeng Batokok remains a popular staple of Padang cuisine, as rich in flavour as it is in history; an irresistible meat treat that never fails to satisfy.

Combining tender pieces of roasted duck with tangy curry and fresh mangosteen, our Bebek Manggis Curry is a satisfying dish with a fruity twist. Also known as the ‘queen of fruits,’ the ubiquitous mangosteen grows in tropical gardens throughout the archipelago –from farms to kampongs and even royal compounds. One of Indonesia’s natural wonders, it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, along with a group of phytochemicals called xanthones, which can boost the immune system, ease inflammation and even fight cancer. High in fibre and low in calories, this magical fruit adds a dash of Javanese tradition to our signature duck curry dish.