Permana Sigidprawiro

Permana Sigidprawiro

Plataran Venue & Dining, 29 November 2018

Pak Permana is the COO of Plataran Venue & Dining at Plataran Indonesia, and just like the company itself, his story branches out into many countries and cultures, but has its roots firmly in the soil of Indonesia. Building up from an educational foundation in business administration and marketing, he got his frst taste of the hospitality business under the bright lights of New York, where he lived for almost a year. Next, Pak Permana moved to New Zealand, where he was offered a residency permit and stayed for almost eleven years.

It was in New Zealand that Permana took his culinary skills to the next level, with studies in Professional Education Cookery and Culinary Arts. He then worked as Chef at the Intercontinental Hotel and Il Casino Italian Restaurant in Wellington, before moving on to Auckland Formusa Golf Country Club and Queenstown Crown Plaza (Park Hotel), where he developed the team and served as Sous Chef. With this wide range of experience under his belt, his career then took another big step forward when he became the Head Chef (Executive Chef ) at the Australian Oaks Group. Following his culinary adventure and professional development in New Zealand, Permana was drawn back to Asia by its unmistakable array of flavors and a new challenge: he moved to Singapore, where he spent a successful year as Corporate Head Chef. He then returned to his homeland to work in a number of elite restaurants, until fnally he became COO of Plataran Venue & Dining at Plataran Indonesia

Seeing the world has taught Permana many things - most importantly that sincerity is an international language, and one that has to be spoken fluently if hard work is to be turned into success. He believes in striving for the beneft of the many, rather than the few, and brings this ethos and work ethic to Plataran, where his goal is to galvanize his team so that together they may raise the standing of local, traditional Indonesian food on the international stage.

When he’s not in the kitchen or directing operations at Plataran, Pak Permana enjoys outdoor activities such as sports and traveling. Although his culinary journey has taken him from the Big Apple to Singapore via New Zealand, his favorite food remains proudly local.

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