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Light of Nusantara


Light of Nusantara


Hutan Kota By Plataran

Hutan Kota was first introduced to the public during the 2018 Asian Games, during which the venue was used to host many ceremonies, events and gatherings. During this period, the President of the Republic of Indonesia himself, Bapak Joko Widodo, hosted his guests at the site. Upon successful completion of the event, the Bung Karno Gelora Complex Management Center (PPKGBK) invited Plataran to participate in a selection process to develop Hutan Kota into a venue that could showcase Indonesia’s cuisine, culture and natural heritage. Plataran accepted the challenge, embarking on a rigorous application process in direct competition with various other contenders from Indonesia’s big reputable F&B Groups and judged by a panel of experts. Plataran was chosen as the winner of the selection process and was appointed as the sole and exclusive operator of Hutan Kota, which is now officially titled Hutan Kota by Plataran.

Tiga Dari

Plataran Tiga Dari offers authentic Indonesian dining, elevated into elegance and presented with finesse. With a menu inspired by the heartiness of Indonesian home cooking, Plataran Tiga Dari captures what the archipelago is all about; a venue infused with the vibrancy of Indonesia, showcasing materials, designs and artworks that have been curated and sourced nationwide.
Opening Hours

11am - 9pm

Rumah Kaca Melati

Located right in the heart of Hutan Kota and cocooned in clear glass, Rumah Kaca Melati is framed by a shady glade of trees and surrounded by verdant greenery. This charming venue is equally engaging in daylight or at night-time.

Opening Hours

11am - 9pm

Pidari Lounge

Embracing and blending in with its natural surroundings, Pidari Lounge is a laid-back, chic and cozy venue, featuring a combination of Indonesian and Western comfort dishes, hearty quick-eats, and exquisite drinks.
Opening Hours

Weekdays | 8am - 9pm
Saturday   | 7am - 9pm
Sunday     | 7am - 9pm

Sundowners reservation is required for Saturday Sunday | 4PM – 7PM

Covering an area of 3.2 hectares of lush greenery and with a total capacity for up to 2.000 people, Hutan Kota by Plataran comprises three main areas, each of which has been carefully and thoughtfully designed: Plataran Tiga Dari; Rumah Kaca Melati; and Pidari Lounge – with its own rooftop. The project were conceptually designed by Plataran team, and then translated into architectural drawings by the legendary Hadiprana Design Consultant. With this unique configuration, the venue is perfectly suited to MICE functions (weddings, exhibitions and corporate events), in addition to being an elegant venue & dining space. Other facilities include, Plataran Tembok Ekspresi, Plataran Pet Playground, Taman Tugu Majapahit, Plataran Putri Dewi, Plataran Khatulistiwa, Pancasila Pond, Plataran Jogging Track, Dewa Ruci basketball half cage court, and mushalla.

Special Offers

Senayan Pitchers

Stay refreshed with Long Island cocktails while enjoying a panoramic view of Jakarta's skyline.
Starts From
IDR 599.000 ++

Sekoteng Loteng Menteng

A healthy treat that's sure to satisfy and leave you feeling revitalized.
Starts From
IDR 69,000++

Breakfast of the Champions

Spend your morning in the heart of the city with picturesque Jakarta's skyscraper scenery as the background.
Per Group
IDR 800,000++

Arisan Package

Celebrate the long-awaited rendezvous with friends and colleagues with our resort dining experience.
Per Person
IDR 300,000 nett

Peace With Earth

Appreciate our nature with small actions like feeding the birds or shes will create a deeper bond between humans and nature.

Hitam Putih

As we journey into the New Normal, let’s take a moment to look back on what we‘ve been through.