Mata Langit by Plataran – The Sun Through God’s Eyes

Mata Langit by Plataran – The Sun Through God’s Eyes

Tucked away in the village of Candirejo, Mata Langit by Plataran is a spectacular viewpoint in Central Java, where you can gaze out on a landscape of volcanoes, plantations, villages and forest. At the center of it all is Borobudur –a timeless reminder of Java’s proud history. Hosted by Plataran Borobudur and Plataran Heritage Borobudur, Mata Langit by Plataran is designed for location dining, yoga, meditation, gatherings and refreshment.

Decorating this awe-inspiring natural wonder with the elegance of traditional Javanese architecture, the Mata Langit Joglo sets the table for some transcendent dining experiences above the clouds. This elegant pavilion plays host to sunset breakfasts, pre-wedding photography, romantic dinners, corporate functions and a range of unique encounters, all framed by Java’s breathtaking panorama just outside. Open from 5am until 7pm, the joglo watches sunrise and sunset over the valley below, where Java’s verdant scenery is bathed in golden sunshine.

From intimate dinners and family reunions to lavish cocktail parties and stylish weddings, Mata Langit by Plataran provides the perfect backdrop for every occasion. For business gatherings, corporate retreats, and teambuilding adventures, the venue goes above and beyond the usual outbound experience; the ideal location for some blue-sky thinking.

If you’re looking to quiet the mind and recharge soul, the Yoga Deck and Meditation Joglo offer a place to breathe in the fresh mountain air, listen to birdsong floating up from the valley below and watch the sunrise in peace. As this blissful panorama of jungle, volcanoes and mandala monuments unfolds before your very eyes, Mata Langit by Plataran accentuates the beauty of the scene, letting you get back to nature and reconnect body, mind, and spirit.

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