Special Offers

Legendary Flavors of The Holy Month

Experience a luxurious iftar at Plataran this Ramadan and indulge in a nostalgic journey through flavorful traditional recipes.
With Plataran signature style that offers a family-style meal to delight your palate and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Ayam Panggang Senja

Roasted smoked chicken, cajun, garam masala, yogurt sauce, ...
per serving
IDR 159,000++

Kari Deli Sandwich

Kraftkorn bread, chicken, curry deli dressing, potato chip
per serving
IDR 125,000++

Ayam Kodok Duo Sauce

Chicken dumplings, smoked beef, chicken liver pâté, chili, ...
per serving
IDR 58,000++

For over a decade, Plataran has been committed to incorporating the country’s nature, culture, and community into its endeavors. In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we proudly present a selection of Indonesian specialties; dishes that embody the flavors of our homeland.

Rigatoni Moringa

Rigatoni, moringa spinach pesto, parmesan, pistachio
per serving
IDR 99,000++

Crêpes Ubi Kembang Telang

Coconut crepes, sweet potato, caramelized peanut, butterfly pea chantilly, butterfly pea coulis, ...
per serving
IDR 59,000++

Mushroom & Pohpohan Vol-au-vent

Puff pastry, mushroom, pohpohan salad, cherry tomato, blue cheese dressing, balsamic, reduction, ...
per serving
IDR 125,000++

Our iconic cuisines have been served across our establishments from the west to the east of Indonesia, with the utmost respect for our heritage and pioneering role in ecotourism.