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Ayam Betutu
This classic Balinese dish is famed throughout the island for its smoky aroma and succulent taste. Often served during festivals, celebrations and religious ceremonies, ayam betutu is a whole chicken packed with herbs and spices, then roasted over a husk fire, giving it an unmistakable smoky flavour. The key to its taste is the Balinese sauce and seasoning, which combines shallots, candlenut, cloves, nutmeg, garlic, turmeric, coriander, galangal, ginger, cayenne pepper, lemongrass, brown sugar, shrimp paste, lime leaves, bay leaves and coconut oil. Packed with flavour and synonymous with special occasions, this classic Balinese BBQ dish embodies the complexity of Indonesian cuisine.
Dendeng Batokok
A Sumatran speciality, dendeng batokok is thinly sliced beef that's been stewed with herbs and then fried and cured to create a tangy Indonesian equivalent of beef jerky. Spicy balado sauce is added to give extra flavour and a touch of warmth to the meat; this sauce is made with a mixture of fragrant red chili, sautéed shallots and seasoning. The result is a hearty and flavorful meat treat, which can be found in many of the Padang restaurants dotted all over the archipelago. Originating in West Sumatra, the ubiquity of this dish is a tribute to its distinctive taste.
Ice Daluman
A classic Balinese beverage that’s available all over the island, es daluman is green jelly with fresh coconut milk and palm sugar drizzled liberally over crushed ice; the perfect tonic on a hot and sunny afternoon. Also known as “cincau“, its name comes from the local Hokkien Chinese dialect: sienchau. This low-calorie drink has been proven to offer a range of health benefits; the jelly is high in fibre, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties due to its high chlorophyll content. This makes it a healthy and refreshing tonic whatever the weather.
Ice Dawet
Java’s answer to es daluman is the sweet and refreshing es dawet; a colourful concoction of ice, jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar that can be found everywhere from humble street sellers to food stalls, markets, traditional Chinese restaurants and high-end eateries. Originating in the city of Jepara in Central Java, this rich and eclectic recipe is the result of generations of trade and multiple culinary influences. When the tropical sun is shining, this multi-cultural beverage gives a burst of energy to sweeten your mood and fuel the day’s adventures.