The View Munduk welcomes guests for lunch and afternoon tea with Indonesian and Asian cuisine.

Megibung Package

Traditional Balinese dish that contains whole chicken,beef, dory fillet, orange leaves, Balinese spices, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass.

Perfect for sharing and sampling the wide array of flavours available in Bali, this traditional island platter is comprised of whole chicken, alongside beef and dory fillet, enlivened with orange leaves, local spices, ginger, turmeric and fragrant lemongrass. Colourful, ornate and eclectic, our Megibung Package showcases the artistry of Balinese cuisine in all its glory. Combine with the stunning scenery on show at The View Munduk, and you have the perfect Balinese dining experience.

Sate Kablet

Beef tenderloin, sweet soy sauce, served with rice and peanut sauce.

Sate Kablet is unique to Bali. Smoky barbeque flavours combine with Balinese herbs and soy sauce, crunchy kerupuk crackers and spicy sambal, to offer a taste of Bali in every bite. Cooked over a coal fire on bamboo skewers, succulent chunks of beef tenderloin are served with rich peanut dipping sauce and decorative Balinese accompaniments. Sate is common throughout the Indonesian archipelago, with every island offering its own take on this traditional street food dish. In Bali, Sate Kablet blends simplicity with delicate attention to detail and becomes a work of art.


Fish balls, crab stick, chicken breast, egg noodles, assorted vegetables, enoki mushroom, served in personal steamboat.

What better way to enjoy the scenery at The View Munduk, than by sitting down to a steamboat barbeque in the great outdoors. Our signature dish is an unforgettable culinary experience, combining sociable DIY dining with delicious food and spectacular views. Take a seat on our terrace overlooking the jungles, valleys and rolling hills of Munduk, where you can enjoy a steaming meat platter of fish balls, fresh crab sticks and chicken breast, combined at your leisure with delicious egg noodles, an assortment of fresh vegetables and earthy enoki mushrooms. This is the perfect dish for celebrations with family and friends.

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