Enjoy a mouthwatering menu of fresh seafood, Asian-inspired dishes and international comfort food.

Nasi Goreng Labuan Bajo

Black kalamata olive fried rice with prawn chicken and cracker

Indonesia’s most iconic dish is given a local twist at Atlantis on the Beach, with the addition of black kalamata olives. This dark and delicious dish is the perfect accompaniment to sunsets in Labuan Bajo, where Plataran enjoys one of the most scenic coastal locations to be found anywhere in Flores. Here you can gaze out on the majestic beauty of Komodo National Park while enjoying signature Indonesian cuisine; a hearty and homely dish that’s packed with prawns, chicken and local spices, then served with crunchy crackers and rugged views to match.

Soup Pantai Pede

Traditional seafood soup with fish, prawn, and squid in lemongrass broth

Pantai Pede is a spectacular natural enclave in the heart of East Nusa Tenggara. This gently arching bay is framed by trees, white sandy beach and undulating hills on the horizon. The warm tropical waters are bustling with marine life, making this one of the most beautifully scenic and biodiverse regions of the magical Komodo National Park. Our traditional seafood soup pays homage to this captivating location; like the bay, it is packed with seafood such as fish, prawns and squid, all stewed together and enlivened by a sumptuous lemongrass broth. Made according to local recipes and using only the finest local ingredients, this new signature dish from Atlantis on the Beach is as unforgettable as the views by which it was inspired.

Ayam Labuan Bajo

Pan fried chicken with mangga relish sauce

Labuan Bajo is a location that combines rural simplicity with rugged landscapes and staggering tropical beauty. These three elements come together in our latest signature dish, Ayam Labuan Bajo. In homage to generations of cooks from the local kampong, our pan-fried chicken is seasoned and spiced according to age-old recipes, using local ingredients and timeless kitchen expertise. This simple yet satisfying chicken dish is then given an extra tropical twist with the addition of sweet and tangy mango relish; a taste of the orchards overlooking Labuan Bajo and the islands beyond. A modern take on a classic family staple, this dish is Flores through-and-through.

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