Enjoy a mouthwatering menu of fresh traditional, Balinese-inspired dishes.

Nasi Ayam Menjangan

is a humble Balinese dish consisting of white rice served with various traditional side dishes, including shredded chicken with raw sambal (Sambal Matah) , minced chicken skewers (Sate Lilit), Balinese spice braised chicken (Ayam Betutu) and Balinese long bean salad (Lawar). Indulge in the flavours of Bali with this wholesome recipe. With an array of dishes available, it is best enjoyed and shared with your family.

Urap Beluntas

Beluntas (Pluchea indica Less) is a herb plant used as a traditional medicine or eaten in fresh form as antioxidant. Widely grown around the Menjangan area, Chef has created this dishes with traditional Balinese spices and locally catch prawns.

Chocolate Bliss Ball

Striking a balance between eating healthy and satisfying your sweet tooth, Chocolate Bliss Ball are great as a post-workout snack or as a snack for kids and adults alike. Fudgy, chocolatey and delicious, these healthy Chocolate Bliss Ball are vegan and paleo.

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