Carefully crafted by Plataran Indonesia’s team of culinary experts, Teras Dharmawangsa provides menus to suit every occasion. For corporate events, weddings and private gatherings, each venue can offer a choice and combination of buffet, food stalls, high tea and free flow soft drink and alcohol packages. The food menu serves up a wide array of classic Indonesian, Asian and western fare, providing a flavour of the archipelago with an international twist.

Mie Char Siu Bebek

Street food doesn’t get much better than Char Siu; from Guangdong to Hong Kong and Penang to Jakarta, this succulent Chinese barbecue has been a jewel in the crown of Asia’s culinary treasures for generations. Served with Hong Kong noodles and a choice of sliced chicken or duck, Char Siu has a glossy surface and a deep, dark mahogany colour. Slightly charred, crispy and caramelized on the outside, the meat within is tender and moist. Take a bite and be transported to the bustling alleyways and bright lights of Chinatown, with sweet maltose flavours slowly giving way to the smoky aroma of charcoal, ginger, tangy soy and the juicy, succulent joy of slowly marinated meat.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Looking for a little refreshment on a hot day in the city? Treat yourself to our thirst-quenching homemade lemonade. Combining freshly picked strawberries with a dash of tropical pineapple juice and fragrant leaves of basil, this is summer in a glass.

Ayam Susu Pedas

Combining crispy fried chicken with creamy butter and a touch of spice, this indulgent dish combines a range of flavours, textures and taste. The perfect treat for meat lovers and foodies with a sweet tooth, Ayam Susu Pedas offers a modern take on some classic Indonesian recipes.