Teras Bromo offers a la carte and set menu selection of casual Indonesian-Asian food inspired by the fresh, seasonal local produce.

Bakso Tetelan

Clear broth meatball soup with egg noodles, rice vermicelli and meat dumplings.

Found everywhere from the finest restaurants to humble kaki lima street vendors, bakso is undeniably one of Indonesia’s favourite dishes; a satisfying treat that’s served all over the archipelago. Plataran’s clear broth meatball soup combines hearty stew with exotic garnish and just a touch of spice. Served with egg noodles, rice vermicelli and homemade meat dumplings, this Asian staple has been comfort food for generations of Indonesians. At Teras Bromo, it’s the perfect way to warm up on those misty mountain slopes; a little bowl of fire to fuel the day’s adventure.

Sego Goreng Pananjakan

Spicy green paste fried rice with diced chicken, pickles and sunny side up egg.

Like the landscape that gives this dish its name, our signature Sego Goreng Pananjakan is a fiery and unforgettable experience. Nasi goreng, but with a Javanese twist, this recipe serves up rice as green as the Bromo Savannah; spicy chilli paste provides a touch of warmth, like fiery lava in the bedrock. Just as the Tengger tribes of old, we cast a little chicken into the heart of this smouldering cauldron, along with tangy pickles and an egg served sunny side up. Colourful, unique and ready to erupt, this little mountain of rice is a culinary adventure.

Grilled Ribs Gecok

Braised short ribs tossed with green chili, tomatoes and garlic.

Framed by the plantations, forests and slopes of Ngadiwono on the roof of Java, these braised ribs are perfect for chilly evenings on the mountain. Tossed with spicy green chilli, hearty tomatoes and aromatic garlic, this dish is composed of local ingredients, picked from fertile volcanic soil. Packed with flavour and imbued with rural goodness, these irresistible ribs will fill your stomach and warm your heart.

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