02 October 2017

Plataran Menteng: Indonesian Dining with a Touch of Elegance and History

While savoring layers of flavors in a bowl of Salad Putri Dewi, one will be inclined to make a comparison to the richness of history behind the physicality of Plataran Menteng. The intricacy of sweet meets spicy in the dressing is parallel to the memories that the building must have been a silent witness to over the course of 80 years. Back then, it used to be home of a renowned gynecologist, Dr. Lukito Husodo.

Fast forward to 2017 and one huge renovation later,  Plataran continues the legacy by providing a space for forming new memories through dining and events. Similar to that mix of guava, jicama, and pomelo in Salad Putri Dewi, Plataran Menteng is rich, complex, and full of pleasant surprises.

Plataran Menteng Kari Ayam Deli (IDR 125K); chicken curry, served with roti prata

Plataran Menteng Sunlit third floor

Plataran Menteng Bola-Bola Cokro (IDR 69K); chicken squid ball, peanut sauce
Plataran Menteng This floor can host more than 50 guests
Plataran Menteng Orak-Arik Pangsit Udang (IDR 85K)
Plataran Menteng Appetizers
Plataran Menteng Despite the additional new floors, Plataran Menteng binds the original first floor and the rest of the place seamlessly, creating a cohesive dining experience that highlights Indonesia and its cuisine. In Pindang Serani soup, there is a harmony between sweet and sour in the clear turmeric soup, just like how Plataran embraces greens to balance the grey metropolitan. There is an element of surprise in the Jepara-style dish by using salmon instead of the usual bandeng, while the restaurant amazes diners with the leggy 60-year-old mango tree that stays rooted in the middle of the room, per the late doctor’s wish.
Plataran Menteng Indonesian food feast
Plataran Menteng Pindang Serani (IDR 179K)

Plataran Menteng

Plataran Menteng Dendeng Batokok (IDR 179K), a signature dish of all Plataran establishments
Plataran Menteng The whole space feels cohesive with nature

Walking through the communal space on the first floor, the private rooms on the second floor, and the smoker-friendly third floor, it’s easy to conclude that Plataran Menteng can appeal to different groups of people. If we could make another menu comparison, the food we’d love to pick for this paragraph is Bola-Bola Cokro. Balls of chicken squid in the size between a ping pong ball and a tennis ball, fried until golden brown and served with peanut sauce. With a mouthwatering aroma that lingers in the air, it’s the ultimate crowd pleaser. People can’t help but fall in love with it.

One area of Plataran Menteng in particular deserves a special mention: Kayumanis Cigar & Wine Lounge. It is created for crowds who want to have a couple of drinks after dinner. The fine interior exudes masculinity and haut monde atmosphere, but in a relaxed, non-intimidating kind of way. Think of Al Pacino’s work room in The Godfather.

Plataran Menteng Plataran Menteng Plataran Menteng Plataran Menteng Plataran Menteng Plataran Menteng
Plataran Menteng is another hit from Plataran group. Dine as you soak in the atmosphere of past time seeping through every detail, transporting you to Indonesia during colonial times. Whether you’re looking for a tasty, sophisticated Indonesian food for two or a venue to host your event in Central Jakarta, it’s definitely the place to be. Be sure to make a reservation beforehand, as Plataran Menteng do accept walk-in but reservation are highly recommended.

Plataran Menteng Plataran Menteng

Plataran Menteng One more shot of Bola-Bola Cokro because they are that good

Plataran Menteng

Instagram: @platarandining
Address: Jl. H.O.S Cokroaminoto
Price Range: IDR 37-195K (beverage); IDR 28-198K (food, including dessert)
Google Maps: Click Here

Writer: Fellexandro Ruby
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