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Plataran Borobudur & Plataran Bromo, 29 November 2018

Exotic Wedding Roadshow

Currently, there is a growing global trend for unique wedding ceremonies centered around exotic locations. With its many breath-taking landscapes, warm tropical climate and a diverse kaleidoscope of cultures, Indonesia represents a wedding destination that’s destined to live long in the memory. Venues throughout the archipelago can combine nature, history and rich local heritage, all wrapped up in the unique charm and hospitality that is so unmistakably Indonesian. In each of these storied settings, Plataran resorts provide elegant facilities and exemplary services to complement nature’s backdrop.
Borobudur 3 November 2018
Bromo 8 December 2018

If you think the picture-perfect Indonesian wedding setting can only be found at the outer reaches of the archipelago, think again; Plataran Cilandak offers a superb venue for weddings in the nation’s capital. Undeniably the best intimate outdoor venue in Jakarta for exclusive family, social and corporate gatherings, this idyllic oasis feels like an island gem that’s been borrowed by the big city.