Press Release

Plataran Menteng & Plataran Dharmawangsa, 13 October 2017

True Indonesian Flavors

Plataran Indonesia presents True Indonesian Flavor, a showcase and celebration of Plataran Indonesia’s signature dishes across the archipelago, crafted by the native chef of Plataran property, at Plataran Menteng & Plataran Dharmawangsa.
Plataran Menjangan, 01 October 2017

Introducing Ocean Mangrove Villas at Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa – Distinctive nature-retreat experience

Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa is pleased to introduce the newest addition of the Plataran Signature Collection – Ocean Mangrove Villas.
Teras Bromo, 01 October 2017

Teras Bromo by Plataran welcomed 1,836 runners of The BIZNET Pasuruan - Bromo Marathon 2017

By hosting the annual BIZNET Pasuruan Bromo Marathon 2017, Teras Bromo by Plataran marked its official opening.
Plataran L'Harmonie - West Bali National Park, 28 September 2017

A Month of Achievement for Plataran L'Harmonie - West Bali National Park

September was a month of achievement for Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park, being recognized by highly reputable and respected awards, both internationally and nationally. These awards reflect the commitment of Plataran L’Harmonie -West Bali National park to setting a world-class ecotourism destination.
19 September 2017


Aligned with Plataran’s philosophy to “showcase the world the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of this remarkable archipelago“, Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park is excited to announce the first edition of the annual Traditional Boat Carnival on 5, Oct 2017.
Plataran L'harmonie, 11 September 2017

Officially announced as nominee of 2017 Top Sustainable Destinations 100

Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park has once again been nominated as a candidate of 2017 Top Sustainable Destinations 100 by Green Destinations for the second time, having previously awarded as 2016 Top Sustainable Destination 100.
Plataran L'Harmonie - West Bali, 27 July 2017

BNI Plataran X Trail - West Bali National Park 2017

The first Plataran X Trail series in conjunction with BNI, Asia Trail Master and Egon Trails, marked a successful conclusion with 504 enthused runners from 18 countries competing in three trail challenges: 50 KM, 25 KM, and 7.1 KM.
02 May 2017

Plataran L'Harmonie at West Bali National Park Becomes the New World Destination

West Bali National Park is becoming a new world destination (New World Wonder Destination), being the primary habitat of the Bali Starling bird or Jalak Bali (Leucopsar Rothschildi). Bali Starling is an exotic, rare, endangered and protected bird, of which their population is estimated to only be a few in the world, hence they are considered as a World Heritage.
01 May 2017

BNI Plataran X Trail in West Bali National Park Welcomes All Runners

Plataran L’ Harmonie proudly presents the 1st edition of Plataran X Trail in West Bali National Park on Saturday, 22 July 2017.A brand new annual and international trail running event that caters for runners of all levels and sheds a bright spotlight on environmental consciousness and sustainability.
Magelang, 28 April 2017

Opening of Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel & Resort

Plataran Indonesia has recently announced the soft launching of Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel and Convention Center, located within the Plataran Borobudur compound alongside the renowned Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa and Stupa Restaurant.
17 April 2017

Plataran Dharmawangsa – The Cultural Elegance of Indonesian Dining

In commemoration of its third anniversary, Plataran Dharmawangsa secures its position through enhancement and fine tuning of some elements that brought the consistency of Cultural Elegance of Indonesian Dining as well as Exoticism of Indonesian Cuisine and Ambiance.
10 March 2017

Plataran Indonesia Membuka Restoran ke 11

Terletak di pusat kota Jakarta, tepatnya di Jalan H.0.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42 Menteng, daerah strategis yang dikenal sebagai pemukiman elit di Jakarta Pusat sejak dahulu kala, Plataran Menteng berdiri megah diatas lahan seluas -/+ 1.500 meter persegi (di luar area parkir). Plataran Menteng adalah sebuah venue & dining ekslusif berkonsep kolonial dengan nuansa homey yang kental.
27 January 2017

Plataran L'Harmonie – West Bali National Park 382 Ha Integrated Eco Nature Tourism Development Park

Located in the western part of Bali, Plataran L'Harmonie encompasses the ecotourism forest area of West Bali National Park, covering an area of 382 hectares with a coastline of more than 7 km facing Menjangan Island, an island well-known as a divers’ paradise for its exotic beauty of the underwater world.
13 January 2017

Plataran Indonesia Announces the Opening of Teras Bromo

Plataran Indonesia is delighted to announce the first Plataran establishment in East Java, Teras Bromo. The new dining outlet is located only 5 km away from the legendary Mount Bromo, an active volcano located at an elevation of 2,329 m. Nature reserve protected since 1919, the region has become one of country’s most visited tourist attractions due to its picturesque surroundings.
03 January 2017

Plataran Indonesia Excited to Welcome 2017 - The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by The United Nations (UN)

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IYST 2017). The resolution recognizes “the importance of international tourism and, particularly of the designate on of an international year of Sustainable Tourism for Development in fostering better understanding among peoples everywhere