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Peel back the layers of Ubud life and Balinese traditions with our unique destination experiences that can be tailored into your own personal journey of discovery. Reconnect and rejuvenate with yoga at sunrise, or with a traditional Balinese ‘Melukat’ blessing at the beautiful nearby temple, believed to clear the mind, cleanse the body and re-energise the soul. Go cycling through the countryside, learn to make local Jamu, or enjoy a traditional Balinese cooking class.


From scenic tours to adrenaline sports
IDR 1,100,000 ++
Heritage Destination and Picnic Lunch
IDR 450,000 ++ per person
Into The Blue Sky - Mount Batur
IDR 772,000 ++ per car
Halfday Tour
IDR 1,100,000++
The Raft At Ayung River
IDR 300,000 ++
Rice As Far As You Can See


From cooking classes to unique dining experiences
IDR 550,000 nett
Intimate Breakfast
IDR 750,000 ++
Picnic Breakfast at Campuhan Hill
Rp 1.500.000 ++
Dine Like A Royal
IDR 379.000 ++
The Cuisine - Cooking Class
IDR 350,000 ++
Mixology Class
Start From IDR 1,083,000++
Couple’s Dinner Under The Stars


From historical sights to local life and traditions
IDR 725,000 ++
Spiritual Journey In Bali
IDR 400,000 ++
Private Yoga
IDR 325,000 ++
'Melukat' Blessing
IDR 800,000 ++
Eat Pray Love
IDR 600,000 ++
Forgotten Bali
IDR 650,000 ++
Art Of Batik

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