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During the last few years, Indonesia has embarked on aggressive infrastructure development projects, including in telecommunications and toll road connectivity, linking and eliminating the gap between various cities and destinations in Indonesia. These new telecommunications support and toll road interconnectivity made travel by land in Indonesia more efficient, fast, and safe, while at the same time showcasing Indonesia’s beautiful countryside scenery.

With the “new normal” imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we now have the privilege and luxury of working virtually from anywhere 24 hour around the clock with the ability to connect and e-meet with everyone through internet supported applications such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams from the comfort of our homes or even while traveling & relaxing in various leisure and holiday destinations.

Plataran, being the True Indonesia Icon, has taken the lead in putting together various creative and customer friendly hospitality products, and has recently launched its Plataran Silk Trail Program which aims to facilitate land-based travel for people who wish to explore and visit Plataran’s iconic and magical properties all over Indonesia, as an alternative to the usual air-based journeys.

The Plataran Silk Trails Program offers travelers the chance to embark on a whole new adventure and exciting experience of exploring Indonesia’s varied countryside sceneries from the toll roads (including mountains, paddy fields, cities, and rivers) while traversing Indonesia’s new toll roads. Land-based travel also allows travelers to fully immerse themselves in the diversity of cultures and culinary feasts of each town that they pass. All these experiences are made easier, safer and more convenient with the support of good telecommunications infrastructure, which keeps travelers constantly connected and able to continue with their daily routines while on the road and at Plataran’s properties, thereby guaranteeing travelers a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience which Plataran’s unique nature encounters is well known for.

In Plataran Silk Trails, you can opt for “Java Trails” to stay at Plataran Borobudur and Plataran Bromo or the more comprehensive “Java-Bali Trails,” which covers Plataran Borobudur, Plataran Bromo, and Plataran Menjangan, with the option to extend to Plataran Ubud and Plataran Canggu. For those wishing to return by air travel, we have a Garuda Indonesia Premium City Check-in facility in the resorts by Plataran, which will provide you safe and hassle-free check-in. We can also arrange for your vehicle to be sent back by our Towing Car Agent Service. For those who wish to rent a luxury van, Plataran can also arrange for this service through several reputable third-party van and taxi providers, or by using the Plataran Limousine Service.