Plataran Rainbow Revival

The qualities of togetherness, pluralism and mutual cooperation are strongly rooted in Indonesian culture. Our unity has been put to the test and proven when facing various challenges in the past – before and after independence – including the Bali bombings, the SARS outbreak and the financial crisis. Each of these events took their toll on Indonesia’s tourism industry, but we came through. COVID-19 presents a real challenge at the moment, and affects many industries – especially tourism. Plataran is a home-grown hospitality provider, made by Indonesians and for Indonesians. Although our beloved archipelago is currently going through some dark days due to COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, we believe the sun always shines brightest after a storm. Therefore, we are now focusing on our revival “Rainbow Program” for the re-opening of all of our business units spread out Indonesia, from Jakarta to the National Park of Komodo.

Series of Initiatives Inspired by Indonesian Optimism

Our True Indonesian Ecotourism Icon packages are all-inclusive vacations, showcasing natural wonders and
uncovering cultural treasures. Centered on a range of wilderness locations around the archipelago, these
luxurious eco-tourism experiences have been created in partnership with Indonesia Incorporated, Indonesian state owned enterprises and the private sector, and presented in collaboration with BNI, BCA,
Indonesia Medical Tourism Board, Garuda Indonesia, and Citilink. These all-inclusive vacation packages take guests closer to nature, for green and unforgettable getaways in the great outdoors.

Combining luxurious accommodation with exercise and the rejuvenating power of nature, Tour de Indonesian Icon packages showcase the wonders of Indonesia and reconnect guests with the great outdoors. Through cycling and/or running excursions, visitors can revive the body with exercise, while nutritious dining experiences restore health and vitality through culinary enchantment.

Plataran, being the True Indonesia Icon, has taken the lead in putting together various creative and customer friendly hospitality products, and has recently launched its Plataran Silk Trail Program which aims to facilitate land-based travel for people who wish to explore and visit Plataran’s iconic and magical properties all over Indonesia, as an alternative to the usual air-based journeys.

Plataran at Your Home is an innovative new food delivery service from Plataran Indonesia, bringing the luxury and quality of a Plataran dining venue direct to your door. If you’re committed to self-isolation but don’t want to compromise on quality, Plataran at Your Home is your go-to solution for delicious Indonesian cuisine.

Adapting to the new normal does not necessarily mean we have to endure a bearing weight, Plataran offers an alternative residence encompassed in luxury, comfort, and safety that can be accessed throughout the archipelago. Immerse yourself in cultural richness and natural surroundings while remaining to be productive, inspired, and consider yourself home.

Garuda Premium City Check-In is the latest initiative of Garuda Indonesia, Plataran Indonesia and Indonesia Medical Tourism Board which provides the easiness, convenient, exclusivity and safety to travel in new normal terms.