Special Offers

For over a decade, Plataran has been committed to incorporating the country’s nature, culture, and community into its endeavors. In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we proudly present a selection of Indonesian specialties; dishes that embody the flavors of our homeland.

Salad Beluntas Menjangan

Beluntas leaf, chicken, coconut, long bean, chili, limo lime, tempeh crumbles, shallots, peanuts,...
per serving
IDR 69,000++

Pepes Gindara Bunga Kantan

Black cod, torch ginger flower, turmeric, shallot, limo lime, coconut oil
per serving
IDR 119,000++

Sapi Kecombrang

Tenderloin, torch ginger flower, lime leaf, kemangi leaf, mushroom, long bean, chives, ...
per serving
IDR 129,000 ++

Ayam Bakar Cincane Urap Pohpohan

Half spring chicken, cincane sambal, sweet soy sauce, pohpohan leaf, caramelized grated coconut, ...
per serving
IDR 169,000++

Udang Kemangi

Prawn, turmeric, kemangi leaf, green tomato, chili, shallot, limo lime
per serving
IDR 179,000++

Our iconic cuisines have been served across our establishments from the west to the east of Indonesia, with the utmost respect for our heritage and pioneering role in ecotourism.

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