Carefully crafted by Plataran Indonesia’s team of culinary experts, Plataran Menteng provides menus to suit every occasion. For corporate events, weddings and private gatherings, each venue can offer a choice and combination of buffet, food stalls, high tea and free flow soft drink and alcohol packages. The food menu serves up a wide array of classic Indonesian, Asian and western fare, providing a flavour of the archipelago with an international twist.

Udang Sriwedari

Combining delicious fried prawn with fresh paprika and aromatic yellow curry, this signature dish is packed with flavour and charged with cultural significance. Sriwedari is a name that’s steeped in history; it dates back to Java’s Majapahit Empire and the stories of the Wayang shadow play. According to legend, the opulent King Prabu Harjuna created a garden of exquisite beauty for his many wives and children (in the Javanese language, ‘Sriwedari’ actually means ‘the King’s garden’).

Today, the city of Surakarta (Solo) is home to a park of the same name, believed to be the paradise of myth and legend. From parks and street names to hotels, album titles and even brands of kretek cigarettes, the name Sriwedari is ubiquitous in Indonesia, conjuring up the artistry, indulgence and unique cultural heritage of the archipelago wherever it is seen. Given to this signature dish in honour of our homeland, it is our tribute to the rich and beautiful diversity of Indonesia. Treat yourself and your family to Udang Sriwedari at Plataran Menteng and dine like a king in a heavenly garden, at our leafy oasis in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Kari Ayam Deli

Our signature curry dish pays homage to India and its enduring influence. Made from tender strips of chicken, fresh pomelo, fragrant curry leaves and served with roti prata, this is classic Indian dining with an Indonesian twist. The name ‘Indonesia’ actually dates back to the 18th century – older than the country itself – and means ‘islands of India.’ 

Over many generations, the Indian subcontinent has had a profound impact on the archipelago of spices that now bears this name; from religion and the arts, to language, trade and especially food, a flavour of India can still be tasted in the cultural melting pot of Indonesia. With the addition of zesty pomelo – the world’s largest citrus fruit and a native of Southeast Asia – Plataran Menteng adds a touch of local culinary heritage and a new twist on a classic Indian dish.

Nasi Goreng Keling

From Sabang to Merauke, the Indonesian archipelago is blessed with a dazzling array of culinary traditions, each one a vivid expression of local culture in each destination. One signature dish that unites them all is nasi goreng. This delicious national staple can be found on the highest mountains, in the deepest valleys, on tropical beaches and city streets. Versatile, satisfying and universally loved, it can be adapted to suit any taste. 

Our take on this national treasure gives it an extra edge; black kalamat olives are added to provide extra texture and flavour to the rice, while prawn and chicken pack the dish full of protein. Liberal helpings of cashew nuts deepen the umami tones, while generous helpings of lime inject some zest and energy into the aftertaste. All fried together and served up with crunchy melinjo crackers, this is a modern, cosmopolitan twist on nasi goreng that’s not to be missed!