Trails of Life

Trails of Life

for 2 persons
Rate: IDR 1,936,000++

A wonderful walk is full of amazing discoveries such as a walk along Plataran’s wondrous forest, pristine white sandy beach, Plataran’s sacred secluded picnic breakfast spots with divine views, thousand-year mangroves, and the rare Bali Starling.

IDR 1,936,000++ for 2 persons

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Trails of Life

Taught by nature, reminiscing journey of life and merit. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of Plataran Menjangan’s Trails of Life. A wonderful walk full of amazing discoveries as we walk along Plataran’s wondrous forest, pristine white sandy beach, Plataran’s sacred secluded picnic spots with divine views, thousand years mangrove, and Bali Starling - eternal love white angels - sanctuary.

The complete walk of 2,3 kilometres, started off from the Wantilan area, going through the lush forest. Your first stop is at Telaga Bidadari (Angels’ Water Palace) an alluring picnic site with its pristine white sandy beach, spectacular views of the mangrove trees dancing along the serene bay as the calming sea breezes gently caress, and the view of the Baluran mountain seen from afar.

Walks continue to Plataran Ijen, another amazing site for a picnic or relaxing with its crystal clear ocean and Ijen mountain views. Plataran Buta - Buta (Buta - Buta is the native word for one of the mangrove types within the premise) is the next pit stop where you will be undoubtedly amazed by thousand years age mangrove trees, perching from the ground 2 to 3-meter heights, captivatingly cocooning the site. Another divine venue for photos or simply adorning God’s beautiful creation. Your last stop is at White Angels Eternal Love - Bali Starling Sanctuary, built by Plataran Menjangan to convert these endangered birds from extinction.

These natural walks are a series of both easy and advanced, from smooth walks to off-the-beaten tracks and onwards to another leisure walk. This full trail will take approximately 2 to 3 hours with stops in between to simply adorn this God’s secret courtyard. We do not encourage the elderly with walking disadvantages to take the full trails. For those of you who prefer to have a shorter walk and simpler trail, worry not, we will be delighted to accommodate your request.

Walks will be guided by our experienced Ranger.

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