Sahabat Alam

Sahabat Alam

Rate: Donation Start from IDR 50.000

Take time to appreciate and save the nature around you because nature is not just a place to visit, but it’s a home for us all! #SahabatAlam by Plataran Menjangan holds various great activities you can do to save nature.

Reward: 1 Juice or Soft Drink of your choice
For every encounter that visits Menjangan island, #SahabatAlam provide a net bag to invite you to contribute to beach and ocean cleaning. Enjoy complimentary juice or soft drink for every participation.

Donation: IDR 250,000
Inclusion: 1 Registered Nest Box
#SahabatAlam invites guests to create bird nests that blend with their surroundings to help them procreate and live freely amongst nature.
#SahabatAlam will then register these bird nests with the West Bali National Park.

Reward: 1 Juice or Soft Drink of your choice
West Bali National Park is a pristine site that preserves its native ecosystem, including the flora and the endemic tree. #SahabatAlam encourages you to help us take care of all the animals by removing non-endemic plants like Lantana Camara, a shrub containing toxic elements which cause
hepatic degeneration in cattle, producing signs of photosensitization, jaundice, rumen stasis, and depression.

Donation: IDR 250,000
Inclusion: 1 Registered Beehive
#SahabatAlam provides beehive adoption and helping us take care of the bees and protect them. Did you know? Bees have significant benefits, such as plant pollination and antibacterial properties.

Donation: IDR 50,000
Inclusions: School Stationery and Educational Storybook
#SahabatAlam provides the vessel to donate one package of an educational storybook (or more) for the children. With that, you invest in a child’s future!

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