Plataran Encounters TM - Experiences

Experience nature’s endless treasures – on a trek through the jungle, encountering wildlife on a bike ride, or indulging your passion for birdwatching. Enjoy the romance and adventure of a cruise to Menjangan Island where you can snorkel and dive amid stunning coral reefs, and dine on the beach at sunset.


From scenic tours to adrenaline sports
IDR 350,000 ++ Per Person for Minimum 2 People
Ranger For A Day
IDR 3,450,000++ per person for minimum 2 persons
Ijen Encounter
Complimentary Activity
Complimentary Activity
IDR 350,000 ++ Per Person
Bird Keeper For A Day
Rp 790.000++ per person
Two Wheelin’ The Jungle
IDR 1.680.000 ++ For 1 Person with Minimum of 2 Persons
Into The Blue
Start From: IDR 4,500,000 ++ for up to 6 people
Private Cruise
IDR 2,500,000 ++ Per Person for 2 Dives with Minimum of 2 People


From cooking classes to unique dining experiences
2,500,000++ Per Couple
Serene Bay Dining
IDR 1,600,000 ++ per set
 IDR 700.000 ++ per couple
Triple Comfort (Film, Food and Fun)
IDR 1,140,000 ++ Per Person
Lazy And Hazy Days Of Summer
IDR 600,000 ++ Per Person
Beach Blanket Bingo
Starts From IDR 2,000,000 ++
Picnic At Gili Putih
IDR 600.000 ++ Per Person
Safari Picnic


From historical sights to local life and traditions
Donation Start from IDR 50.000
Sahabat Alam
IDR 790,000 ++ Per Person
Feast For The Eyes
IDR 1,500,000 ++ Per Person for Minimum 2 Persons
Winery Picnic Lunch
IDR 800,000 ++ Per Person
Local Flavours

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