Master Plan

Envisioned as a world-class ecotourism destination, Plataran L’Harmonie is designed around an integrated master plan that encompasses a variety of accommodation; dining, wellness and leisure facilities; and programmes dedicated to the conservation of the parks natural ecosystems and indigenous wildlife species.

Plataran L’Harmonie currently features two stunning resorts, Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa and The Menjangan, where guests can relax close to nature, exquisite and unspoiled.

The resort’s signature restaurants, The Octagon Ocean Club at Plataran Menjangan and The Bali Tower at The Menjangan, offer the pleasures of dining with views over the ocean and above the forest canopy. And there’s no shortage of activities to entertain you, from mountain biking, jungle trekking, kayaking and snorkelling, to birdwatching, horse-riding and more.

Visitors are also welcome to learn about and participate in Plataran L’Harmonie’s conservation efforts: the Scientific Education and Research Centre (SERC), a unique learning environment with access to the park’s amazing range of habitats; Plataran Bali Starling Sanctuary, a safe breeding ground for the critically endangered Bali Starling; and an Endemic Tree Planting Programme that nurtures biodiversity that is fast disappearing in other parts of the island.

This exciting first phase of development paves the way for continued development of innovative ecotourism-related structures and activities, as we engage with like-minded partners to bring the master plan fully to life.


With a vision of creating an environmentally and socially friendly recreational and accommodation destination, Plataran L’Harmonie offers visitors a wide range of accommodation and activities.

Hotels & Resorts

Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa
The Menjangan

Venue & Dining

The Octagon Ocean Club
Bali Tower Restaurant

Conservation & Education

Scientific, Education and Research Centre (SERC)
A unique learning environment and research centre in biodiversity and conservation.
Plataran Bali Starling Sanctuary
An effort to save the Bali Starling from extinction by promoting a successful captive breeding programme.
Endemic Tree Planting Programme
A programme to restore the native ecosystem by planting and preserving native plants.


Plataran Private Cruise
Diving and Snorkeling
Bird Watching
Horse Riding