Discover Wae Rebo : Gem in The Heart of Indonesia

Discover Wae Rebo : Gem in The Heart of Indonesia

for 2 persons
IDR 7,000,000++

Discover Wae Rebo : Gem in The Heart of Indonesia

Wae Rebo, nestled within the embrace of Flores Island, Indonesia, is a living testament to the symbiosis of culture and nature. Visiting Wae Rebo is not just a journey through physical landscapes, it is a voyage through time and culture. It is an opportunity to be embraced by the warmth of the community, to witness the threads of tradition weaving their intricate patterns, and to feel the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. In Wae Rebo, the tapestry of culture and nature is interwoven in a breathtaking display of life’s profound beauty.

- 1 (one) night stay at Wae Rebo
- Breakfast and dinner
- Traditional lunch
- Tour guide in Wae Rebo and Labuan Bajo
- Donation for the community
- Local transportation

Wae Rebo’s Architecture and Scenery
Wae Rebo has its iconic ‘Mbaru Niang’ houses stands as living artistry, gracefully integrated into the lush landscape. offers a harmonious blend of architectural elegance, captivating scenery, genuine hospitality, and time-honored cuisine. The surroundings, with their towering forests and serene valleys, paint a canvas of natural grandeur that transcends time.

Wae Rebo’s Warm Hospitality and Traditional Cuisine
Visitors are welcomed with open arms and embraced by the community’s warm hospitality, leaving an indelible mark. And within this cultural sanctuary, traditional cuisine weaves flavors deeply rooted in the land. In Wae Rebo, these elements converge, creating a tapestry of culture, serenity, and the enduring beauty of humanity’s union with nature.

Trekking Adventure to Wae Rebo
Wae Rebo’s trekking adventure unfolds as a poetic journey through nature’s embrace. Each step engraves a narrative of exploration and connection with the untamed beauty of Flores Island. Amidst lush hills and towering forests, this path unveils the essence of an unspoiled sanctuary, where every stride resonates with the echoes of time and the whispers of the land.

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