Cycling for a Cause

Cycling for a Cause

for 4 persons
IDR 1,770,000++

Cycling for a Cause : Donate Books to SDN Rangko

Embrace a chapter of a profound odyssey by enrolling in Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa’s encounter program. Together, we shall voyage through the resplendence of nature astride our bicycles. Yet, beyond the trails, lies an even grander purpose - an opportunity to sow benevolence through the bestowment of books, a conduit to uncharted realms of knowledge for the young scholars of SDN Rangko. Partake in this indelible voyage, intertwining remembrance with the creation of a brighter tapestry for the generations.

- Bicycle
- Book donations
- Breakfast

Book Donation

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa is honored to contribute to the educational enrichment of SDN Rangko through a book donation initiative. We believe in fostering a brighter future for young minds and are delighted to provide these valuable resources to the elementary school, encouraging a lifelong love for learning. It is our privilege to support the growth of knowledge and wisdom within the community.

Cycling for Change

In a graceful journey on two wheels, we embark upon a path that leads us to SDN Rangko. Here, we carry with us not just books but also the boundless gifts of knowledge and hope. With each pedal, we compose a sonnet of compassion, and in the simple act of donation, we inscribe a chapter of brighter tomorrows into the lives of those who eagerly await the treasures within these pages.

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