Celebrate Manggarai

Celebrate Manggarai

for 4 persons
IDR 8,750,000++

Celebrate Manggarai : Art, Culture, and Local Treasures Await at Plataran Komodo

Join us on an odyssey to explore the captivating tapestry of Manggarai culture. Immerse yourself in the enchanting cadence of age-old traditions, the vitality of timeless rituals, and the warm embrace of a gracious community. Together, let us discover the profound allure of the Manggarai world.

- Signature welcome drinks
- Tiba Meka procession
- Afternoon tea at Lost Paradise
- Caci Dance and Rangkuk Alu Dance performance
- Traditional BBQ Dinner
- Workshop Kit

The Essence of Manggarai Culture

Manggarai culture is a living testament to the enduring connection between its indigenous people and their land. Over centuries, it has evolved through interactions with neighboring communities and external influences, resulting in a rich tapestry of traditions. Central to this culture are profound rituals that honor nature, ancestors, and spirits, exemplified by the significant Tiba Meka ceremony. Vibrant music and dance expressions like the spirited Rangkuk Alu and Caci Dance accompany afternoon tea. Communal living and mutual support are deeply cherished, and recent initiatives ensure the preservation and promotion of this cultural heritage, which continues to adapt to the modern world while celebrating the Manggarai people’s unique identity.

Empowering Local Small Businesses and Workshops

Step into the realm of heritage and artistry as we extend our warm invitation to our exquisite cultural workshop. Here, hands
eloquently weave tales of tradition, and hearts resonate with the timeless rhythm of Manggarai’s culture. Engage with our local artisans, masters of their craft, as they breathe life into unique souvenirs that will forever hold the essence of your unforgettable journey.

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