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During your stay with us our team at the Plataran Water World is more than eager to help, assist and participate in any in-house activities such as snorkeling, kayaking or playing volleyball.

Please to address them with any requests or desired activities we hope to be able to entertain. Besides our complementary in-house activities we offer land tours, island trips and undertakings to make your experience even more memorable!


From scenic tours to adrenaline sports
Tailor made program
IDR 3.800.000++
Adventure Crystal Cave Tour
IDR 600,000 ++
Bidadari Island Snorkeling (3 Hrs)
IDR 450,000 ++
Fishing With The Locals (3 Hrs)
IDR 26.600.600 ++
Full Day Cruise
IDR 23,940,000 nett
Komodo Dragon Adventure
IDR 7.940.000++
Underwater Beauty In The Eye Of A Diver
IDR 18.000.000 ++
Day At The Pink Beach
IDR 4,000,000 ++
Wae Rebo Adventure
IDR 950,000 ++
Island Picnic Lunch Gateway (4hr)
IDR 1,500,000 ++
Rangko Pool Cave With Island Secret Snorkling (5 Hrs)
IDR 1,200,000 ++
Island Snorkling Escape (5hr)


From cooking classes to unique dining experiences
IDR 450,000 ++
Sunrise Picnic Breakfast On The Hill
IDR 3,500,000++
Private Sunset Dinner Cruise (3 Hours)
IDR 275.000++
Sunset Dinner At Atlantis Beach Club
IDR 650,000 ++
Bonfire Dinner On The Beach
IDR 750,000 ++
Seafood BBQ On The Beach
650.000 ++ /person
Cooking Class
IDR 1.500.000++
Harbor Seafood Market Visit
IDR 1,500,000++
Sunset Sundowner Dinner Cruise Trip (3 Hours) (On Sharing)
IDR 450,000 ++
Sunrise Picnic Breakfast On The Hill (2hr)
IDR 2,000,000 ++
Night Sky Ocean Picnic Dinner On Jetty (3 Hours)


From historical sights to local life and traditions
IDR 4,800,000++
Flores Heritage Countryside Experience (8 Hrs)
IDR 3,800,000++
Cunca Wulang Waterfall (8 Hrs)
IDR 1,250,000 ++
City Tour (4 Hrs)
IDR 1,250,000 ++
Cooking Class Tour Experience
IDR 1,000,000 ++
Yoga Class (1Hr)
IDR 4.500.000++
Flores Local Living Countryside

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