Undiscovered Paradise

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa is located a 10-minute boat ride from the island’s main town of Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the UNESCO-protected Komodo National Park, making it an ideal base for exploring other nearby islands. Spotting Komodo dragons in their natural habitat on Rinca and Komodo Islands, climbing to the peaks of Padar Island, and sinking your toes in the sand on famous Pink Beach make for great day trips and adventures – all within one or two hours of the resort. Visit Kalong Island, also known as Bat Island, whose thousands of resident bats create an extraordinary sight when they take flight around sunset.

The park’s crystal clear waters are also a magnet for travellers, home to pristine coral reefs and countless species of marine life, including manta rays, dolphins, turtles and dugongs, providing divers and snorkelers with endless delight.

Lost Paradise by Plataran

Lost Paradise Map

Enjoy an adventurous water sports activity, castaway on your personal paradise island accompanied by a wide array of tailor-made culinary treats in a picnic setting next to the beach.


IDR 27,000,000 nett
Plataran Menjangan Boat Trip to Komodo
IDR 6,373,000++
Explore Todo Village and Cancar Rice Fields
IDR 7,000,000++
Sunset Dinner on Cruise
IDR 7,000,000++
Discover Wae Rebo : Gem in The Heart of Indonesia
IDR 2,270,000++
Unite for Coral Planting’s Serenade
IDR 16,100,000++
Rediscover Flores Archipelago Traditions
IDR 1,770,000++
Cycling for a Cause
IDR 5,500,000++
Traditional Bonfire BBQ Dinner
IDR 8,750,000++
Celebrate Manggarai
IDR 1,200,000++
Island Snorkeling Experience
IDR 650,000++
Private Dinner on the Ocean Jetty
Lost Paradise