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Learn the art of traditional Jamu-making, or master local recipes in a private cooking class. Strengthen your mind and body with the signature boot camp, yoga, and meditation sessions. Tour some of Bali’s most famous temples. Go mountain trekking or river rafting. Whatever your interests, we offer a multitude of activities for you to experience Bali and its unique culture on your own personalised journey.


From scenic tours to adrenaline sports
IDR 1,500,000 nett
Bali Soul Discovery
IDR 950,000++
Full Day Tour
IDR 600,000++
West Destination Half Day Tour
IDR 600,000++
South Destination Half Day Tour


From cooking classes to unique dining experiences
IDR 850,000++
Live BBQ Dinner
IDR 700,000++
Picnic Lunch
IDR 1,000,000++
Bonfire Dinner
IDR 800,000++
Romantic Dinner
Start From: IDR 600.000++
Cook Like A Local


From historical sights to local life and traditions
IDR 1,500,000++
A Day as a Balinese
Mepayas: Balinese Costume Experience
IDR 550,000 ++
IDR 950,000++
Lost In Time - Tenganan Village

Complimentary Activities

This exclusive cooking class from Plataran Canggu introduces you to one of Bali’s most iconic culinary creations: sambal. For lovers of spice, there can be no better experience than sampling the many and varied hot sauces, chutneys and marinades for which the island is famous.

Try your hand at making this delicious local specialty. Made from rice flour and sugar mixed with suji or masak leaves, lak lak pancakes are a simple yet irresistible treat, served with shredded coconut and liberal helpings of palm sugar.

Lawar is made from a mixture of fresh vegetables, coconut and minced meat, blended with a fragrant array of local herbs and spices. Learn to make it yourself, and take the recipe home to share with your loved ones.

Roll up your sleeves to craft your very own Jamu; a traditional herbal medicine made from natural ingredients such as roots, leaves, bark and fruits. Secret tips will be shared for you to take back home and try.

Looking for a little fun on a Monday? Join us in the Plataran at Canggu Restaurant, where we’ll be mixing up a cheeky array of cocktails using authentic local arak; an iconic local tipple that’s sure to get the party started!

Dress up as a Balinese royal, combining
authentic local costumes with the elegant
backdrop of Plataran Canggu; the perfect setting
and dress for an unforgettable photo opportunity.
Our house photographer will be on hand to
capture the moment of magic for you to take
home and treasure.

Canang Sari are the delicate little packages of
offerings you see in doorways, on shrines and in
the streets throughout Bali. This unique encounter
teaches you about the mystic significance of each
component part of the canang, and gives you an
insight into the skill and devotion required for
each creation

Plataran Canggu invites you to join us at Bale Banjar for daily gamelan lessons. This iconic, complex and captivating music is synonymous with Bali, offering a glimpse into the unique artistry and skill for which the islanders are rightly famed.

Balinese dance combines grace, beauty and extremely high levels of technical skill, honed through years of practice and dedication. Develop your understanding and appreciation of this unique art form by trying it for yourself, every Thursday from 3-5pm in front of Plataran at Canggu Restaurant.

With golden tropical sunshine painting a panorama of rice fields, swaying palms and white sandy beaches, the road beckons for early risers to explore. The best way to discover the island’s gems in the golden hour is by bicycle; set off on
a Morning Cycling encounter with Plataran, and find your own heavenly corner of the Island of the Gods.

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