Jeep Checkpoint

With a professional jeep checkpoint facility that holds up to 100 jeeps, Teras Bromo is the perfect pit stop for travelers preparing for their mountain adventure, or unwinding on the journey back.

Jiva Devi Nursery

Jiva Devi nursery is a colonial-style botanical garden greenhouse, where you can discover Java’s flora and fauna, laid out in a labyrinth of flowerbeds, rockeries and koi ponds. In homage to its location, the nursery features black sand from the Bromo volcano, along with a seed bank of ferns, evergreens, orchids and blossoms indigenous to the Javanese mountain slopes. With gentle birdsong and the trickling of water over the rocks, this is the perfect place for a family picnic, or a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

RC Off-road Track

Complete your holiday fun with our exciting “RC Off-road adventure”. Explore unpredictable tracks, especially designed to get your spirits up. Conquer the great obstacles and challenges!

Kinandari Wedding Deck

The Kinandari Wedding Deck is a spacious and spectacular open space at Plataran Bromo that’s ideally suited to wedding ceremonies and receptions. With enough space for 300 people to enjoy stunning views at sunset, this is a location that’s certain to live long in the memory.

Putri Dewi Amphitheatre

Perched on a hill overlooking Mt. Arjuna, Putri Dewi Amphitheatre sets a stage for an unforgettable ‘above the cloud’ moment and performance. It is the only outdoor amphitheatre in the region supported with a full sound system.

Other Services & Facilities

  • JivaDevi Gallery
  • Horse Stable
  • Tanggulangin Hill
  • Bromo Temple
  • Exclusive Rest Room
  • Musholla