Pamiranti Executive Lounge

A rendezvous for our distinguished, most affluent, and influential guests to expand their network. The name derives from the ancient Java-Kawi language “Pamiranti”, meaning “the place to meet”. Within steps away, Brahma Meeting Room is able to cater to your business needs with the tech-savvy facilities and the complementary services, such as: 360 degrees camera with voice recognition feature, a Smart TV, surrounding sound system, a projector, a wireless printer, and of course an array of Plataran culinary delights to boost your productivity.

Opening Hours:
7 AM – 11 PM

Mahameru Lounge & Bar​

Mahameru Lounge and Bar is the perfect place to unwind, catch up with friends or indulge in some light snacks, cocktails, mocktails, coffee and tea. With views overlooking Plataran hill and the fertile farmland beyond, Mahameru combines expansive views with homely and intimate spaces, for a venue that’s ideally suited to socializing, refuelling, sharing stories or planning your next steps out into the magical landscapes of Bromo.

Kinandari Lounge & Bar

The perfect place to enjoy sunset views over the majestic landscapes of Java. With enough space to comfortably hold 50 guests, Kinandari Bar and Lounge provides a cosy and stylish setting in which to refuel, refresh and share stories of Bromo with other adventurers.

Opening Hours:
11 AM – 11 PM

Teras Bromo

Teras Bromo delivers an unforgettable dining experience with sublime views of the rural beauty of agricultural plantations woven into the surrounding hillsides. Designed in harmony with its countryside locale, the restaurant offers a wide selection of Indonesian-Asian comfort food made with the freshest locally grown ingredients.

Opening Hours:
 11 AM – 6 PM

 11 AM – 7 PM

Syailendra Venue & Dining

Sit back, relax and ruminate in the stylish surroundings of Syailendra Venue and Dining. Plataran Bromo offers this main dining area, where an eclectic menu serves up international, Indonesian and pan-Asian fare. Perched high in the hills, this lofty space is designated to resemble an alpine lodge, with its combination of rustic bare brickwork, elegant wooden finishings and range of nooks and cozy spaces in which to cuddle up and take refuge from the crisp mountain air outside.

Opening Hours:
7 AM – 10 PM