Plataran Encounters TM - Experiences

Dine against a majestic backdrop of the Borobudur Temple. Take a hike or a jeep ride through the scenic countryside, exploring local villages. Tour the most magnificent temples of Central Java. Indulge your love for culture and adventure with river rafting, batik lessons, clay crafting or Javanese dance. Just some of the many personalised destination experiences that await you.


From scenic tours to adrenaline sports
IDR 1,350,000++ Per Couple
VW Villages Tour
IDR 1,250,000 ++
ATVenture and Picnic Snacks
IDR 200,000 ++ per kid
Plataran Kids Camp at Ramayana Garden
IDR 2,250,000 ++ per couple
Selogriyo Rice View
IDR 2,200,000 ++ per couple
Merapi Volcano Jeep Adventure
IDR 1,850,000 ++ per couple
Farmers Of The Day
IDR 1,650,000 ++ per couple
Tea Walk
Start From IDR 225,000 ++
Horseback Riding
IDR 1,210,000 ++ per couple
Pottery Village Cycling Tour
IDR 3,975,000++ per couple
Dieng Plateau & Picnic Lunch


From cooking classes to unique dining experiences
IDR 1,500,000++
Campervan Picnic Under The Stars
Start From IDR 1,500,000++
Majestic Sunrise Breakfast
IDR 2,500,000 ++ per couple
Romantic Dinner
IDR 700,000 ++ per couple
Jamu Making Lesson
IDR 1,750,000 ++ per couple
Cooking Journey


From historical sights to local life and traditions
IDR 1,000,000 ++
Java Culture & Herbs
IDR 600,000 ++
Batik Mask Painting
Sahabat Alam
IDR 1,000,000 ++ per couple
Pottery Village Tour
IDR 1,000,000 ++ Per Couple
Walking Tour for Batik
IDR 1,800,000 ++ per couple
Java Heritage
IDR 3,200,000 ++ per couple
The Glory Of Borobudur
IDR 500,000 ++ Per Couple
Walking Village Tour For Cassava Chips
IDR 3,200,000 ++ per couple
The Beauty Of Prambanan
IDR 2,900,000 ++ per couple
Buddhist Trails - (Borobudur, Mendut, Pawon & Ngawen)

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