A Wedding Showcase
at Plataran Bandung


18 March 2023
10 AM Onwards


True Timeless

A Wedding Showcase at Plataran Bandung

Plataran Venue & Dining is proud to announce the opening of our latest establishment, Plataran Bandung – Heartbeat of West Java.

We are delighted to showcase the beauty of West Java’s cultural heritage, adapted in the very details of our interior. At Plataran Bandung, an intimate and romantic wedding experience awaits you in unparalleled luxury.

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Enam Langit by Plataran
Saturday, 6th August 2022

Rangkaian pertama dalam ‘Truly Timeless Plataran Wedding Roadshow’ ini diadakan di Enam Langit, yang diadakan hari Sabtu, 6 Agustus 2022. Acara ini akan menampilkan konsep “After-Hour”, dimana calon pengantin dapat menikmati matahari terbenam di Enam Langit, dikelilingi oleh enam gunung berapi: Merapi, Merbabu, Telomoyo, Andong, Sumbing, dan Tidar. Dengan pemandangan Candi Borobudur yang megah dan diiringi lantunan DJ dan sajian lezat khas Enam Langit lokasi ini menggabungkan alam Jawa yang memukau dengan sentuhan modernitas.

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Wedding Exclusive Try-On

Yogie Pratama, a fashion designer specializing in cocktail dresses, evening dresses and wedding dresses, took his formal training at ESMOD Jakarta and Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. In 2012, he founded the Regalia brand. At JFW 2023, Yogie Pratama showcased his experimental collection at the peak show of Dewi Fashion Knights - Future Couture, characterised by structured, detailed and refined pieces with dazzling colors.

Wedding Consultation

Agus Lim established his own tailoring business, Lim's Tailor, in 2000. The brand quickly became popular and his clientele includes Jakarta's elite. Through his interest in stylish suits, Agus created uniforms for a well-known hotel. His attention to detail and focus on tailored fits have allowed Lim's Tailor to flourish. The groom's suit is as important as the bride's dress, and Lim's Tailor provides the perfect solutions for a polished wedding look.

Make-Up Class

In 2016, Shu Uemura launched a program to provide underprivileged Japanese youth with the skills and opportunity to work in the beauty industry. Founded with the mission to empower women for self-expression, Shu Uemura seeks to help young people discover their individual beauty. The pro- gram offers grants and courses that allow the youth to access training in beauty skills. Through this, Shu Uemura hopes to help young people identify and embrace their unique qualities.

Wedding Showcase

Mondial has been an esteemed international jewelry brand since 1979, recognized for its commitment to legacy and artistry. The brand has consistently produced jewelry collections of the highest quality, each piece crafted with the finest materials from around the globe.

Wedding Decorations

Lotus Design is a dynamic and creative group that specializes in transforming your passions into memorable and sophisticated designs. They bring your event vision to life, capturing the essence of your desired theme. With years of experience in the special event industry, Lotus Design is able to turn your dream into a reality. They take great pride in their work, ensuring that your dream is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Wedding Cake Showcase & Tasting

Established in 1993, LeNovelle Cake is a home-based bakery catering to friends, family and neighbors. With a winning recipe of moist and soft cakes combined with warm hospitality, the business has only grown. In 2004, LeNovelle expanded their services to the wedding industry, sending cakes to places both within and outside of Indonesia, such as Bandung, Bali, Makassar, Papua, Singapore, Australia, and more. Most recently, LeNovelle opened their first showroom in Bali, Indonesia.

Wedding Souvenir Showcase

Havilla seeks to share the potential of tea with all consumers, offering a unique and personal tea-gifting experience. Each customer is special, and Havilla is dedicated tocreating gifts tailored to each individual's liking. Tea is the world's most consumed beverage after water, and Havilla provides a way to explore this favourite in a new way.