Renowned for its private, intimate and unforgettable sailing and liveaboard experience, Plataran Private Cruises provides a wide range of cruise selections sailing to various exotic destinations within Indonesia.


Cruising with Malayeka

Malayeka means angel, it is the biggest fleet among Plataran Private Cruises
for day trip (25 people)
Start From IDR 100,000,000

Malayeka Sunset Dinner

Savour lavish, exclusive dinner at Plataran Malayeka phinisi.
per person
IDR 600,000 ++

Dinner Aboard Luxury Wooden Phinisi

Savor world class cuisine and personalised service by Plataran experienced team.
Minimum 10 People, Maximum 15 People
IDR 1,150,000++ Per Person

Exotic Day Cruise

Cruising to an exotic Komodo island, pristine beaches, and secluded islands
per person
Start from IDR 3,833,333 nett

Sunset Sail with Plataran Waecicu

Sail in style and capture your journey
2.5 hours sunset sailing
IDR 7,300,000 nett

Liveaboard Experience

Renowned for its private, intimate and unforgettable sailing and liveaboard experience.
For 6 persons
Start From IDR 64,800,000 nett

Private Cruise and Resort Combination

Experience the majestic colors as the sun sets while onboard a traditional Phinisi vessel.
for 2 persons
IDR 37,200,000 ++

Sunset Cruise Cocktails Party

Join our mixologist and discover the fine art of creating a spectacular drink.
Per Person (min. 6 persons)
Start From IDR 850,000++

Sunset Cruise Dinner Trip

As day turns to night, embrace the natural beauty of Flores Island.
per person (min. 6 persons)
start from IDR 1,500,000++

Komodo Dragon Adventure

A must experience in Flores – visit the Komodo National Park to see the legendary Komodo dragon
per couple per day
Start from IDR 10,000,000 nett

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