Carefully crafted by Plataran Indonesia’s team of culinary experts, Patio provides menus to suit every occasion. For corporate events, weddings and private gatherings, each venue can offer a choice and combination of buffet, food stalls, high tea and free flow soft drink and alcohol packages. The food menu serves up a wide array of classic Italian mixed with asian, providing a flavour of international combined with asian and also Indonesian food.

Con Funghi Pizza

Combining wild mushrooms with tasty truffle oil and thyme, our latest signature dish is a taste sensation, transporting you to the Mediterranean with every delicious bite. Featuring generous helpings of parmesan and melted mozzarella, this Italian masterpiece is wood-fired to perfection in our dedicated pizza oven. Treat yourself to a little Italian indulgence today!

Capelli D'Angelo All' Arragosta

Also known as ‘angel hair pasta,’ Capelli D’Angelo has been popular in Italy since at least the 14th century. As this particular type of pasta is very thin and light, it goes perfectly with soups, seafood and light sauces. Unlike other pastas, you can eat a lot without getting full – which is a bonus when a dish is this delicious! Our take on this Italian classic includes fresh lobster and flying fish rose, enlivened by liberal helpings of garlic, fiery chilli flakes and olive oil.

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

The Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is Florentine-style beef steak from the sun-kissed Italian province of Tuscany. Comprising a high cut that includes the bone, it is cooked on the embers or on the grill, al sangue- style (also known as ‘blood cooking’). This traditional Florentine dish dates back to the medieval House of Medici and the feast of Saint Lawrence. At that time, Florence was the hub of international trade; a place where travellers from all over the world could sit together, eat and share stories of their adventures. In the 1950s, a Florentine publisher by the name of Corrado Tedeschi founded Partito della Bistecca (the Steak Party) and launched a political campaign under the slogan: “Better a steak today than an empire tomorrow.” We couldn’t agree more. Served with green beans, succulent oven-dried tomato, carrot, rucola, potatoes and garlic confit, this is a dish that’s fit for a King.

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