Anarta Shailendra

Discover the Infinite Horizon Experience at our elevated deck atop Menoreh Hills. Behold the enchanting Garden of Java and the ethereal Ocean of Clouds. Immerse yourself in picturesque landscapes, including Borobudur Temple and majestic mountains. Experience the exotic roads, elevated ambiance, vibrant community, blending tradition, and modernity harmoniously

Khatulistiwa Lounge

With smooth marble floors, high-arching ceilings and elegant décor, the Khatulistiwa Lounge provides an awe-inspiring entry point to the property. Here, on the threshold of their adventure and with infinite horizons to explore, guests are welcomed with all the warmth and refinement for which Plataran is famed. From here, the journey can truly begin.

Askara Venue

For elegant wedding ceremonies, sophisticated corporate meetings and private functions, the Askara Venue is a location without parallel. Decorations and facilities in the interior include a stage for receptions and presentations, along with wide open spaces that can be calibrated or partitioned according to the scale and character of the event.

  • 128 sqm

Infinity Pool

Our pool is where the ‘infinite horizon’ ethos of Plataran Langit Khatulistiwa really comes to life. Take a dip and you’ll become part of the landscape; at sunrise and sunset the water becomes a mirror, reflecting brushstrokes of land and sky on an endless canvas. Swim out to the edge and lose yourself in the majesty of your surroundings.

Family Room

The Family Room is a cozy and calming enclave away from the action on the second floor. Here, kids can play, study or take a nap, with superb views and the beauty of nature as their backdrop. Sit together and watch birds fly by, read a storybook or play with toys – this is a space where kids can be kids and parents can take a breather.