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Hutan Kota by Plataran - Light of Nusantara

Brand-New Dining Experience in the Heart of Jakarta

Light of Nusantara - Hutan Kota by GBK  is the coming project of Plataran located at the Hutan Kota GBK as the prestigious lung center of Jakarta. Having passed a rigorous competition process with A Class F&B companies and restaurants, Plataran won the competition and obtained the award granted by Pusat Pengelolaan Komplek GBK to manage the Hutan Kota. 

In respect of the above appointment, various preliminary works have been undergone by Plataran including planting trees under the tagline of "Rindangkan Jakarta" to trimming the grass of the site under the tagline of "Bersih-Bersih" so that after Lebaran the Jakartans will have the "Hutan Kota by Plataran" clean for their "forest walking".

Seen on the photo the CFO of Plataran and Plataran Team who are doing the Bersih-Bersih. Full involvement of Plataran in this project is expected to commence soon once all the administration clears up. 

The team of Plataran is very excited to revitalize Hutan Kota to be the true Light of Nusantara representing culture and optimism of Indonesia and to work together with PPKGBK