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Enrich your vacation with a variety of destination-inspired activities that range in nature from cultural and culinary to adventure pursuits, as you embark on your very own Plataran Bromo Encounter.

Please acknowledge that selected Plataran Encounter is exclusively for in-house guest only.


Discover the caldera and its natural wonders at a leisurely pace and immerse yourself in the storied
surroundings of Mount Bromo. The adventure begins with ethereal views of sunrise from Penanjakan Peak.
Plataran Bromo

Sacred Bromo

Bromo is more than just a landscape; it is imbued with the culture and heritage of the tribes who make
that landscape their home. Sacred Bromo lets you discover one of the unique worship rituals that takes
place here, on the slopes of Mount Bromo itself.


Plataran Bromo

East Java Heritage

The villages, plantations and tribes that cling to the foothills of Mount Bromo are home to unique cultures and traditions that have stood the test of time.
Plataran Bromo

Farmers for a Day

Encounter the daily routine of Bromo farmers in their own fields surrounding the Plataran Bromo area.
Tucked away in the shadow of the rolling Bromo hillsides, these plantations grow a rich variety of organic
produce, from potatoes and chili peppers, to apples, cabbages and herbs.
Apples are grown in their thousands in the orchards that hug the slopes of the Bromo area, where local farmers have raised their crop to become one of the most famous farm products in this region.
Spend your afternoon at a Tenggerese village, where you can engage fully with the distinctive customs, heritage and artistry of the local people. Learn to dance, play gamelan or simply chill out watching Tenggerese children as they practice the steps and notes of their traditional performance together.


Plataran Bromo

Sunrise Al Fresco

Enjoy the sunrise from a secluded spot in the highlands of Bromo with Plataran’s Sunrise Al Fresco encounter.
Enjoy a serene and idyllic candlelit dinner in the soothing surrounds of our JivaDevi Nursery. Nestled in
a private corner of this lush garden, dinner is served accompanied by the gentle symphony of birdsong
and trickling water from the waterfalls and rockeries.
Plataran Bromo

Cooking Adventure

This cooking experience above the clouds is designed to excite your senses. Delve into a cooking class with a local chef to discover the harmony of natural food produced by farmers from the local community and taste the many wonderful flavours of Indonesian cuisine. Pick out your own vegetables if your trip coincides with the harvest season or choose your ingredients from a traditional market in a nearby village. Once you have the expertise and the ingredients, get ready to cook up a storm overlooking dramatic views of the rolling hillsides of Bromo.
Plataran Bromo

Sunset Al Fresco

Stroll through a local village and explore a farm for 20 minutes in the golden hour before dusk. Soak up the beauty of an iridescent sunset at Tanggul Angin Hill while sipping a cup of coffee with selected canapés.