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Bajul Eco Lodge

Environmental Forest Retreat

Bajul Eco Lodge by Plataran

Bajul Eco Lodge by Plataran, is a prime environmental-friendly accommodation and facility that comprise 18 lodges and educational facilities within Plataran L’ Harmonie – West Bali National Park.
Providing a rustic stay in the heart of the untamed Plataran L’Harmonie - West Bali National Park that seamlessly blends in with nature. The compound provides three types of lodges – premium lodge, standard lodge and group lodge. From shared to private lodges, Bajul Eco Lodge provides a unique learning environment that suits every type of guests with different interests.

It also offers a wide range of educational and leisure facilities allowing visitors to immerse in nature’s endless treasures:  Wet Lab, Outdoor Classroom, Meeting Room, Plataran Bali Starling Show Cage, Plataran Bird Observation Deck, Native Plants Nursery, Horse Stables, Animal Playground, Plataran Ocean Observation Deck and Plataran Private Cruise Jetty.

Plataran L'Harmonie - West Bali National Park

Plataran L'Harmonie - West Bali National Park, a 382 hectares conservation area in the Buleleng Regency at the northwest tip of Bali, is known for its dense biodiversity that encompasses many distinct ecosystems - from primary monsoon, mangrove and lowland rain forests, to savanna and seagrass landscapes, as well as shallow and deep-sea waters with sandy beaches and coral reefs. The park is also home to many endangered fauna, most notably the Bali Starling.



Honeymoon Escapade (3D2N)

Enjoy an idyllic honeymoon in the tranquility of Bajul Eco Lodge, serenaded by gentle ocean waves and birdsong.
IDR 7,000,000 ++

Family Staycation (3D2N)

Treat your family to an unforgettable getaway in the heart of nature. Bajul Eco Lodge in West Bali National Park provides an immersive stay for all the family in an environment that’s equally soothing and inspiring.
IDR 9,300,000 ++

Wellness Bootcamp (3D2N)

Join us for an intensive two-day wellness getaway, combining yoga, meditation and healthy cuisine in the fresh air of Bali’s most remote and refreshing destination.
IDR 1,420,000 ++