Tiga Dari

Plataran Tiga Dari offers authentic Indonesian dining, elevated into elegance and presented with finesse. With a menu inspired by the heartiness of Indonesian home cooking, Plataran Tiga Dari captures what the archipelago is all about; a venue infused with the vibrancy of Indonesia, showcasing materials, designs and artworks that have been curated and sourced nationwide. The venue features three main areas: Garuda Dining Hall, Merah Putih Private Dining Room and Indonesia Raya Dining Area on the main floor; along with several private dining rooms on the second floor. With this unique and flexible configuration, Plataran Tiga Dari is perfectly suited to intimate dining for both large and small groups, as well as grand celebratory events such as weddings, MICE functions and other gatherings.

For over a decade, Plataran has been committed to incorporating the country’s nature, culture, and community into its endeavors. In celebration of our 14th anniversary, we proudly present a selection of Indonesian specialties; dishes that embody the flavors of our homeland.

Salad Beluntas Menjangan

Beluntas leaf, chicken, coconut, long bean, chili, limo lime, tempeh crumbles, shallots, peanuts, Balinese spices
per serving
IDR 69,000++

Mushroom & Pohpohan Vol-au-vent

Puff pastry, mushroom, pohpohan salad, cherry tomato, blue cheese dressing, balsamic, reduction, truffle oil
per serving
IDR 125,000++

Crêpes Ubi Kembang Telang

Coconut crepes, sweet potato, caramelized peanut, butterfly pea chantilly, butterfly pea coulis, served with lime.
per serving
IDR 59,000++

Rigatoni Moringa

Rigatoni, moringa spinach pesto, parmesan, pistachio
per serving
IDR 99,000++

Our iconic cuisines have been served across our establishments from the west to the east of Indonesia, with the utmost respect for our heritage and pioneering role in ecotourism.