Rumah Kaca Melati

Located right in the heart of Hutan Kota and cocooned in clear glass, Rumah Kaca Melati is framed by a shady glade of trees and surrounded by verdant greenery. This charming venue is equally engaging in daylight or at night-time. Named “Melati“ in honor of a flower that’s synonymous with the women of Indonesia, Rumah Kaca Melati showcases intricate artwork and craftsmanship. As the extension of Plataran Tiga Dari, Rumah Kaca Melati offers dining in a setting that mirrors a sophisticated conservatorium. Just like Plataran Tiga Dari, Rumah Kaca Melati caters to intimate and large-scale events, and is ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor gatherings, as the dining spaces can be expanded into the surrounding area.