Pelataran Mango Corner

A new extension to our Pidari Garden, Pelataran Mango Corner serves you well for a personalized event on an outdoor setting. Located under the green trees just across our fish pond the spot gives you the richest view of Hutan Kota by Plataran.

Taman Tugu Majapahit Indonesia

Taman Tugu Majapahit comprises a series of totems, each dedicated to and engraved with the names of Indonesians who have served as pioneers and helped build Indonesia into what it is today. Plataran’s aim is to honor and appreciate the contributions of our respected countrymen, and to inspire fellow Indonesians to serve the nation as previous generations have done. Taman Tugu Majapahit embodies our respect for Indonesia’s history and inspires optimism for its future.

Plataran Khatulistiwa

Plataran Khatulistiwa is an elegant outdoor exhibition space, ideally suited to large events and gatherings. With a sprawling map of the Indonesian archipelago on the floor, this stylish, open-air environment offers an ambiance that’s steeped in Indonesian heritage and history; a place where the timeless Indonesian tradition of gathering together can be celebrated.

Dewa Ruci Basketball

Located just next to Pidari Lounge, Dewi Ruci is a half-cage basketball court at Hutan Kota Plataran, with ample space for 3-on-3 competitions and shooting practice with friends. These brand-new facilities offer visitors the chance to get some exercise and enjoy a little fun in the sun, before heading to Pidari for refreshments.

Putri Dewi Amphiteater

Situated next to a tranquil lake in the leafy surroundings of Hutan Kota Plataran in Gelora Bung Karno Park, the Putri Dewi Amphitheater is a serene and stylish outdoor venue. Our favorite spot in the Tugu Majapahit area, this is the perfect place to watch the local birdlife in the afternoons, or catch an exclusive live performance, showcasing the unique cultural heritage of Indonesia.

Jogging Track

Conveniently accessed via the nearby GBK Gate, the Plataran Jogging Track provides Jakarta’s urban athletes with a fantastic new place to train. The track reaches around the park and is sheltered by a canopy of branches, courtesy of trees transplanted from Plataran’s conservation project in Menjangan, Bali. With a combination of inclines, curves and smooth surfaces, the track presents a relaxing yet committed track for workouts, races and strolls through one of Jakarta’s most precious green spaces.

Plataran Pets Playground

Plataran Pets Playground is an innovative new facility that forms part of the Hutan Kota by Plataran project in Senayan, Jakarta. For patrons of the site’s Tiga Dari Restaurant and Pidari Lounge, the playground provides a stimulating and fun environment for their four-legged companions. Designed to welcome both dogs and cats, the play facilities also offer an open-air environment in which cosmopolitan pet owners can meet, chat and treat their animals to a fun day out in the park.

Booking Information

Phone +6281294409007 or +622122531199

Operation Hours
Wednesday and Friday
8 – 10 am & 3 – 6 pm
7 – 10 am & 3 to 6 pm
10 am to 6 pm


  1. Plataran Pet Playground is a pets’ recreational facility attached to Tiga Dari and Pidari Venue & Dining.
  2. The only animals permitted in the Plataran Pet Playground area are dogs and/or cats.
  3. Only patrons of Tiga Dari or Pidari Venue & Dining are permitted to use the Plataran Pet Playground and must register in advance through Pidari Lounge. Users are required to show identification of pets that intend to enter the Plataran Pet Playground area.
  4. Pets that enter the Plataran Pet Playground and Hutan Kota by Plataran premises must be accompanied at all times and will be the full responsibility of their respective owners.
  5. Guests are only permitted to bring a maximum of two pets, which must be kept on a lead.
  6. The Pet Playground Management is authorized to refuse entry to any pets intending to use the Playground Pet Playground facilities, in the event these animals are considered aggressive, in season or unwell.
  7. In the interests of safety, animal owners must monitor their pets at all times and maintain the cleanliness of the Plataran Pet Playground area, including collecting and disposing of their pets’ droppings by using the bins provided.
  8. Children under 12 years of age must always be under adult supervision when in the Plataran Pets Playground area.
  9. Pet owners must always maintain cleanliness and orderliness, and should not eat or drink in the Plataran Pet Playground area.
  10. Animal owners are not allowed to feed their pets inside the Plataran Pet Playground area.
  11. Animals are prohibited from entering the Hutan Kota by Plataran area, which is not intended for pets.
  12. Plataran is not responsible for any consequences that arise, whether pertaining to owners or pets, while in the Plataran Pet Playground area or other areas of the Hutan Kota by Plataran site. The owner takes full responsibility for the damages caused by their pet to other guests of Hutan Kota by Plataran.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining this beautiful place.