One-bedroom Forest Villa

Nestled in the forest overlooking the ocean, the One-Bedroom Forest Villas offer elegant comfort entwined with nature. Soak in the deep stone bathtub in the outdoor bathroom. Unwind with a book on the outdoor terrace, enjoying the feel of the ocean breeze.

Luxury Ocean Villa

These spacious villas take full advantage of the peace and tranquility of the surrounding forest, while offering breathtaking views of the ocean. Enjoy the embrace of nature in an outdoor bathroom with stone bathtub, and watch the deer pass by while lounging at the outdoor terrace with a plunge pool.

Ocean Mangrove Villa

Nestled within the serene mangrove, Ocean Mangrove Villas offer luxury in the lap of nature. Highlights include an semi-outdoor bathroom with surrounding views into the mangrove , and a spacious outdoor terrace where one can relax, soak in the panoramic ocean views, or invite some company for a private gathering.

Two-bedroom Forest Villa

The two-bedroom villas are ideal family retreats with a connected terrace , outdoor and indoor bathroom with deep stone bathtub and shower, and a spacious outdoor garden furnished for relaxation. A haven of tranquility in the wilderness amidst the forest of Plataran L’Harmonie – West Bali National Park.



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