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Welcome and Congratulations, You are the World Responsible Citizen!

Since its inception, Plataran Indonesia has built all business activities around three core pillars: Nature, Culture, and Community. In our establishments nationwide, we set out to preserve nature, celebrate cultural heritage, and give back to the community. However, the inevitable sad truth is the fact that in order for an industry to grow, sometimes it emits negative effects on the environment as well as climate change – tourism industry included. Regardless, at Plataran, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and catalyzing positive change.

In line with this green vision, we are proud to announce our Plataran for the Earth program, our efforts, along with our guests’ effort, to make a difference and take part in fighting climate as well as environmental issues. The programs include endemic tree planting, wastewater treatment, plastic usage minimization, and deep-sea restoration.

We even ensure our guests automatically take part in Plataran for the Earth, as they experience a compelling retreat in the homely and personalized properties of Plataran Indonesia. For each time a guest experiences Plataran, a tree will be automatically planted in our preservation area at Plataran Menjangan on behalf of the guest. As there are millions of trees in West Bali National Park; together, we can ensure there are millions more to come.

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Did you know that Indonesia is the first ASEAN country to sign the Glasgow Declaration – a commitment to achieve Net Zero emissions? In early July, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and five Indonesian pilot project destinations officially signed the Towards Net Zero Declaration in Plataran Menjangan. As a pioneer of Ecotourism in Indonesia and an official partner of the G20, Plataran takes great pride in supporting carbon offsetting measures and is delighted to be one of the appointed pilot projects featured in the declaration.

Therefore, Plataran Indonesia collaborate with Jejakin, an Indonesian start-up with a vision to fight climate change, to commit in a sustainable initiative involving carbon footprint calculation and climate actions in the tourism industry. In this collaboration, as an effort to measure and offset the identified carbon emissions, moreover to increase awareness and concern towards our environment, Jejakin has provided a platform to help ease the effort this nation needs in tackling climate change. This platform helps to calculate the carbon footprint for your flights, hotel stay, and other accommodation needs throughout guests’ travel and the time guests spend visiting Indonesia. Guests can then select to offset their footprint through the provided program section.

Here at Plataran, as a True Indonesian Icon and with a vision for #HospitalitywithImpact, we believe that tourism activities should have a positive environmental and social impact – as our aim is to be a force for good in our society, our destination, our country, and the world.

We are proud to be responsible Indonesians and world citizens.

  1. Carbon footprint is the emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and other pollutant emissions resulting from the activities we do every day, such as using electricity and driving. Excess Carbon Footprint will cause a decrease in air quality and also extreme climates.
  2. If Carbon (CO2) emissions continue to increase, the major impact on climate change will be to cause inconsistent weather, raise Earth's temperature, and disrupt ecosystems on Earth.
  3. You can:
    - reduce excessive use of electricity,
    - reduce ineffective use of vehicles,
    - increase the use of local products/goods

    To absorb the resulting Carbon Footprint you can contribute to activities related to the environment/green, such as the Carbon Offset program.
  4. Carbon Offset is an effort to absorb the resulting Carbon Footprint, in order to reduce its negative impact on the climate. One way of Carbon Offsetting is through planting new trees.
  5. The method of calculating the Carbon Footprint and its absorption has used scientific recommendations based on regulations from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and various references from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

    The parameters used to calculate the Carbon Footprint include:
    - Emission factor
    - Mileage
    - Fuel consumption
  6. In addition to Plataran's efforts to reduce its Carbon Footprint, one of them is by using as much local materials/products as possible, Plataran has also made it easier for Friends of Plataran to absorb the Carbon Footprint that has been generated by launching Carbon Offsetting Programs.

    With the platform provided by Plataran in collaboration with on the Plataran for the Earth website, Carbon Offset activities can be carried out easily, transparently, and sustainably.

    With this platform, you can calculate the Carbon Footprint that you generate from the accommodation and transportation you use, and you can directly do Carbon Offsetting by planting trees directly from the platform.
  7. New trees will be planted in the conservation area at Plataran L'Harmonie tourism, West Bali National Park, one of the pilot project destinations appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in the context of Carbon Offsetting programs.
  8. Funded trees will be maintained through a monitoring process carried out by Plataran and, in mutually agreed conservation areas. Monitoring will be carried out periodically using a reporting system from which can be accessed at any time via the link listed in the report email that you will receive after a successful purchase.

A Tree For Your Stay

Stay in Plataran Hotels, Resorts, and Cruises; for every one (1) room stayed, one (1) tree is planted in Plataran Menjangan, part of West Bali National Park.

A Tree For Your Event

For every event held, with the minimum spending of IDR 50 million, one (1) tree is planted in Plataran Menjangan, part of the West Bali National Park.

Plataran For The Earth

For every Plataran experience, one tree is planted in Plataran Menjangan on your behalf
as part of Plataran For The Earth campaign