Enam Langit by Plataran offers irresistible international and Indonesian dishes to accompany sunrise and sunset alongside six spectacular mountains in Java: Merapi, Merbabu, Telomoyo, Andong, Sumbing and Prau

Roasted Chicken Breast

With black pepper sauce, roasted vegetable and mashed potato

Overlooking a heavenly panorama of volcanoes, fields, jungle and the timeless grace of Borobudur, Enam Langit is a place for dining experiences beyond compare. Against this backdrop of rolling farmland, plantations and forest, Plataran presents a range of signature dishes inspired by the landscape and composed from its offerings. Made from locally sourced ingredients, our Grilled Chicken Breast is an irresistible signature dish that combines succulent and smoky chicken in black pepper sauce, served with fresh roasted vegetables and hearty mashed potato. Combined with fresh air and spectacular views, this culinary experience is food for the soul.

Beef Filleto di Manzo

Grilled tenderloin black angus steak with toast vegetable medley and balsamic vinegar with mustard sauce .

Our traditional Tuscan-style beef fillets, served in a delicious mustard sauce, are a beautifully simple Italian recipe that’s perfect for sharing with friends and family. Tender cuts of Black Angus steak are enhanced with liberal helpings of balsamic vinegar and herbs; a thin coating of thyme and sea salt gives each piece a spectacular flavour and texture, right from the first bite. Hiding behind the simplicity of this dish is the complexity of its flavours. Like the finest gourmet cuisine, it’s all about using good ingredients – vegetables are freshly picked from the Javanese soil and the meat is cooked to perfection. Completed with a dash of mustard and a crack of peppercorns, this dish is a transcendent treat to be enjoyed above the clouds.

Mentok Geol-Geol Menoreh

Stewed local duck with green chili curry served with steamed rice and sautéed pok coy.

Throughout Java and Bali, distinctive local duck species are a common sight in the fields, villages and farms of the landscape, and have long been a decadent addition to the Indonesian table. Allowed to wander free-range through the rice paddies, streams and fields in search of food, these ubiquitous birds offer up meat that is both gamey and rich in flavour. Our Mentok Cabe Ijo complements this with additional texture and a burst of Javanese spice. Sautéed pok coy provides nutrition and a little extra crunch, while local green chillies turn up the heat on this local curry dish. Combining a wide range of traditional ingredients and inspired by generations of culinary heritage, our latest signature dish combines the fire of a volcano with the tranquility of a rice paddy; a true taste of Java.

Pisang Bakar Onte Onte

Pan fried gold banana with coconut grated and palm sugar with vanilla ice cream and cassava ball

The perfect end to a perfect meal, our signature Pisang Bakar Onte Onte is pan-fried golden banana, sprinkled with grated coconut and drizzled with caramelised palm sugar, served with vanilla ice cream and a savoury cassava ball. Blending tastes, texture and temperature to dazzling effect, this eclectic dessert is a decadent treat for the senses. Tuck into something sweet in the comfort of Enam Langit, with our modern interpretation of a classic Javanese treat.

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