Treasure of Sigi at Plataran: A Journey Through Central Sulawesi with Chef Emmanuel Julio
Treasure of Sigi at Plataran: A Journey Through Central Sulawesi with Chef Emmanuel Julio
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May 31, 2024

Plataran Announces Ecotourism Festivals, in Celebration of Indonesia’s Treasures

Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa recently captivated the culinary community through the event, "Treasure of Sigi at Plataran," held on the serene Banyan Tree Deck, Kinandari. This unique collaboration with the Ubud Food Festival created an evening that seamlessly blended exquisite flavors and cultural heritage, offering guests an immersive experience inspired by the lush landscapes of Central Sulawesi’s Sigi Regency.

Chef Emmanuel Julio from the Dharmawangsa Hotel masterfully curated the evening’s menu, drawing inspiration from his explorations in Sigi. The long-table feast featured an array of local greens such as fiddleheads and moringa, complemented by the fragrant pink torch ginger. These ingredients were paired with local proteins including fish, chicken, and beef, all harmoniously cooked using traditional methods. Each dish was prepared in bamboo vessels over smoldering coconut shells, imparting a distinctive smoky flavor that heightened the authenticity of the culinary journey.

Adding to the evening's allure, Helianti Hilman of Javara fame, alongside the dedicated Sigi team, enthralled guests with captivating stories of the region’s cultural and natural wonders. This narrative element enriched the dining experience, creating a profound connection between the guests and the origins of the exquisite dishes they were savoring.

The event, held on 31 May 2024, was more than just a meal—it was a celebration of Indonesia’s rich culinary and cultural diversity. Attendees departed with lasting memories of one of the most exotic and enriching dining experiences they had ever encountered. Plataran Ubud extends its gratitude to all participants and looks forward to continuing to offer extraordinary events that highlight the best of Indonesian culture and cuisine.

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About Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa:

Plataran Ubud Hotel & Spa is a luxurious haven nestled in the heart of Bali's cultural and artistic center, Ubud. Surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and the mesmerizing beauty of the Ayung River, the hotel offers an authentic Balinese experience like no other. From elegant accommodation to our rejuvenating spa, exquisite dining, and enchanting events, Plataran Ubud is a sanctuary where traditional charm meets modern luxury.

About Plataran Indonesia:

Plataran Indonesia was founded in 2009 as an exotic Indonesian company that encompasses various facets of tourism, including hotels, resorts, cruises, spas, restaurants, event venues, and nature development areas. Plataran properties are dotted throughout many heavenly locations all over the Indonesian archipelago; the word "Plataran" itself means "God's favorite courtyard". The underpinning concept of Plataran is summarized with the three Xs: eXoticism, eXperience, and eXcellence, with a commitment to being a True Indonesian Icon and embodying three core Plataran pillars in daily operational activities: Nature, Culture, and Community.

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