Teras Bromo By Plataran Welcomed 1,836 Runners Of The BIZNET Pasuruan – Bromo Marathon 2017
Teras Bromo By Plataran Welcomed 1,836 Runners Of The BIZNET Pasuruan - Bromo Marathon 2017
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Teras Bromo, 01 October 2017

Plataran Announces Ecotourism Festivals, in Celebration of Indonesia’s Treasures

By hosting the annual BIZNET Pasuruan Bromo Marathon 2017, Teras Bromo by Plataran marked its official opening. Teras Bromo greeted runners starting two days prior to the event with runners visiting to pick up their race-packs. During their visit, visitors were able to appreciate the view and atmosphere of the Tosari Tengger area before the race day with Indonesian food and beverage stalls prepared by Teras Bromo. Several runners enjoyed an off-the-grid adventure by staying overnight at the camping ground nestled below Teras Bromo with bonfire and grilled locally-sourced corn and potatoes. Moreover, Tengger Arts & Culture Festival, an event organized by the Bromo Marathon Committee, was held at Plataran Langit Bromo Amphitheater, overlooking the hills of Tosari Tengger Villages, to share the “rich display of Tenggerese culture hosted through a number of dance and special performances narrating the ancient folk tales of the Tengger."

On the race day, enthused participants gathered at Teras Bromo, the starting and finishing point of the race, early in the morning.

Culinary market by Tera Bromo offering Indonesian comfort food and drinks were prepared for runners to fuel themselves pre- and post-run. Prior to the start of the race, runners were greeted with a traditional tenggernese opening performance. The race marked its start at 7 am by the full marathoners (42 KM), followed by half marathoners, and 10 KM runners. Each race flag was raised by the main sponsors and supporters of the event: Irsyad Yusuf, S.E, MMA, Head of Pasuruan Region (Bupati Pasuruan) for the full marathon, Mr. Dedy Parinduri, Senior Marketing Manager of Biznet, for the half marathon, and Mr. Yozua Makes, CEO of Plataran Indonesia, together with Mr. Irsyad Yusuf, S.E, MMA for 10K.

Celebrating the 1088th anniversary of Pasuruan regency, a special traditional performance and a speech from Mr. Irsyad Yusuf, S.E, MMA and Mr. Yozua Makes promoting and celebrating the rich culture and nature of the Pasuruan regency was given at the Plataran Langit Bromo Amphitheater.

For more information on the winners, please visit: https://bromomarathon.com/

About Teras Bromo

Since its soft opening in mid-2017, Teras Bromo has gained reputation as a new level of dining experience in the extraordinary destination of Mount Bromo. Teras Bromo delivers an unforgettable dining experience with sublime views of the rural beauty of agricultural plantations woven into the surrounding hillsides.

Located in the area known for its unique agriculture, Teras Bromo offers a selection of casual Indonesian - Asian food on the basis of using locally grown ingredients. Warung Bromo, located next to Teras Bromo, serves local home-cooked Indonesian dishes and desserts for those looking for a quick and easy yet satisfying meal.

Only 30-min drive from Penanjakan complemented by a professional jeep checkpoint facility and a clean bathroom with shower facilities on-site, Teras Bromo is the perfect pit stop for travellers preparing for their mountain adventure, or unwinding on the journey back. It also eases the access to Mt. Bromo, as it is the official member of Bromo Tengger Kusuma, a local jeep community with over 200 jeep registrants.

About Plataran L’Harmonie – Bromo Tenggar Semeru National Park
Nestled on the hill of Tosari Tengger region, Plataran L’Harmonie - Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is located only 5 km from the magnificent Mount Bromo – an active volcano located at an elevation of 2,329 m. The national park is a nature reserve protected since 1919, the region has become one of country’s most visited tourist attractions due to its picturesque surroundings.

With its concept of harmonizing adventure and entertainment, Plataran L’Harmonie – Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a destination where guest can immerse in the natural beauty of Bromo through authentic cuisine experience, rich cultural entertainment, nature-inspired activities, thrilling sport events, and comforting lodging. Surrounding nature and wilderness will allure visitors to get off the beaten track for an unforgettable holiday.

Plataran L’Harmonie – Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a one-stop destination, where visitors can spend the entire day; starting from the morning with a farming encounter and cooking class, continuing the afternoon with a scrumptious picnic immersed in nature, and evening catching the most significant bromo sunset and waiting for the stars to fall for an unforgettable stargazing encounter while enjoying authentic homey Indonesian cuisine at the Teras Bromo.

The park offers a wide variety of established facilities and services such as: a full jeep check point, dining venues – Teras Bromo and Warung Bromo, Plataran Langit Bromo Amphitheater, and Pura Luhur Bromo. Upcoming facilities include: Langit Bromo, Drug Store, Outdoor Picnic Area, JivaDevi Nursery (glass house garden), Gallery, Langit Bromo sunset deck, Camping Village, Plataran Bromo Residence, and Plataran Bromo Hotel & Spa.

To learn more, please visit: https://www.plataran.com/venues-dining/teras-bromp


Plataran is a homegrown Indonesian hospitality group whose vision is to contribute to Indonesia and Indonesians by showcasing to the world the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of this remarkable archipelago.

Plataran means ‘God's most favourite courtyard’, a reflection of our connection to and celebration of all the beauty and richness of culture that Indonesia has been blessed with. Plataran invites discovery and appreciation of Indonesia’s many treasures through its luxury brand of boutique hotels and resorts, private cruises, dining and event venues, developed in Indonesia’s most iconic and exotic destinations.
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