Plataran Indonesia Announces The Opening Of Teras Bromo
Plataran Indonesia Announces The Opening Of Teras Bromo
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13 January 2017

Plataran Announces Ecotourism Festivals, in Celebration of Indonesia’s Treasures

Plataran Indonesia is delighted to announce the first Plataran establishment in East Java, Teras Bromo. The new dining outlet is located only 5 km away from the legendary Mount Bromo, an active volcano located at an elevation of 2,329 m. Nature reserve protected since 1919, the region has become one of country’s most visited tourist attractions due to its picturesque surroundings.

Teras Bromo presents a new level of dining experience for the extraordinary destination of Mount Bromo. Located in the area known for its unique agriculture, Teras Bromo offers a selection of casual Indonesian - Asian food on the basis of using locally grown ingredients. The 80 seats restaurant distinguishes itself with its countryside-themed architecture and Plataran hospitality, delivering an unforgettable dining experience. Teras Bromo itself stands as a destination in the area, addition to the famous enthralling Mt. Bromo exploration, with its Plataran Hill Sunset Point to catch the daily golden sunset and a professional on-site jeep checkpoint facility to ease travelers’ adventurous journey.

Teras Bromo is open seven days a week for Sunrise Breakfast (4:00 am to 10:00 am), Lunch (10:00 am to 4:00 pm) and Sundown Dinner (4:00 pm to 9:00 pm). It is located in Ngadiwono village, Tosari, Pasuruan, East Java 67177. Call +62 81 392 865 860 or e-mail for bookings.

Plataran Indonesia was founded in 2009 as an Indonesian company that houses various business units of tourism such as hotels, resorts, cruises, spas, restaurants, event venues and nature development area, spread across exotic regions in Indonesia. The word "Plataran" itself means "The God’s most favored place".

The underpinning concept of Plataran is summarized with the Three Xs, namely: eXoticism, eXperience and eXcellence, with an emphasis on being a True Indonesian Icon.

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