Plataran Indonesia and Bluebird Join Forces to Elevate Customer Experiences in Hospitality and Travel
Plataran Indonesia and Bluebird Join Forces to Elevate Customer Experiences in Hospitality and Travel
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September 20th 2023

Plataran Announces Ecotourism Festivals, in Celebration of Indonesia’s Treasures


Jakarta, September 20th, 2023 – Plataran Indonesia and PT Blue Bird Tbk (Bluebird), two leading companies in the hospitality and travel industry, have joined hands in a groundbreaking collaboration under the tagline #EZTrip to Plataran with Bluebird Group. This partnership aims to provide customers with an enhanced travel experience and reliable mobility solutions.

Plataran Indonesia, renowned for its venues, dining, and hospitality offerings, has partnered with Bluebird, a trusted brand providing mobility solutions in Indonesia. This collaboration is set to redefine the way travelers experience Indonesia, delivering memorable moments and seamless journeys.

In this collaboration package, Bluebird boasts a diverse fleet of vehicles, including Bluebird Reguler, Bluebird Electric Vehicles, Silverbird, Goldenbird, Goldenbird Electric Vehicle, Bigbird Reguler, Bigbird Premium, and Cititrans, ensuring a wide range of transportation options for travelers to reach Plataran Indonesia’s units.

Yozua Makes, CEO of Plataran Indonesia, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration between Plataran and Bluebird, two prominent Indonesian hospitality brands. “We are thrilled to embark on this extraordinary partnership with Bluebird, combining Plataran's dedication to delivering unique cultural and natural experiences with Bluebird's reputation for reliable mobility solutions,” stated Yozua. He further added, “Together, we aim not only to enhance the travel experiences of the travelers but also to showcase the rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty that Indonesia has to offer.”

In his speech, Yozua also said, “This is not just about transportation and accommodation; this is an experience.” To provide a valuable experience for guests, Plataran will arrange an itinerary for the #EZTrip package to Plataran with Bluebird Group and adapt it to the travel destination, for both family and corporate events. “This collaborative travel package aligns with the three pillars of Plataran Indonesia's ecotourism: Nature, Culture, and Community, ensuring a holistic
and meaningful experience for every tourist guest."

Adrianto (Andre) Djokosoetono, CEO of PT Blue Bird Tbk, also conveyed his eagerness for this collaboration. He stated, “Bluebird aims to bring every Plataran guest closer to the ‘Standar Nyaman Indonesia’ (SNI) mobility experience on various journeys to enjoy the beauty of tourist destinations. The comfortable travel standard is achieved through standardized and environmentally friendly fleets, reliable and professional drivers, as well as travel convenience.” Andre went on to say, “To achieve this, Bluebird collaborates with Plataran to introduce the #EZTrip to Plataran with Bluebird Group program. With the same spirit shared by Plataran, we hope this collaboration can support the ecotourism-based tourism industry in Indonesia.”

The collaboration will feature five incredible trips, each with its unique charm and adventure. These trips will include visits to Villa Puncak by Plataran in West Java; Plataran Bandung in West Java; Plataran Heritage Borobudur, Plataran Borobudur Resort in Magelang, Central Java; Plataran Bromo in East Java; also Plataran Menjangan, Plataran Ubud, and Plataran Canggu in Bali.

The Three-Day Trip to Puncak offers a scenic route to Villa Puncak by Plataran with a choice of Bluebird, Goldenbird, or Bigbird, including a morning tea walk and a serene countryside breakfast. The One-Day Trip to Bandung features the eco-friendly Goldenbird and E-Goldenbird, a visit to the Gedung Sate Museum, a Bandros ride, and concludes with lunch and afternoon tea. The Three-Day Trip to Borobudur with Bigbird or Bigbird Premium offers an exploration of Borobudur Temple, cultural interactions, and a jamu-making session at Plataran. The Three-Day Trip to Bromo with the Bigbird fleet immerses the guests in Tengger hospitality, nature activities, afternoon tea, and breakfast in the clouds. Lastly, the Three-Day Trip to Bali with Bigbird Premium Hiace brings Bali's beauty and culture to life with stunning views, hospitality, delectable meals, and afternoon tea from Plataran.

The bundling packages offer flexibility and a one-stop solution, allowing guests to customize their journey, including departure times and stops. The Bluebird vehicle will also stay with the guest throughout the journey, ensuring a smooth experience. In addition, guests will earn Circle of Friends points with this package.

As a green company, Plataran Indonesia plants a tree for every trip. In the Plataran for the Earth program, the usual mangrove planting carried out in West Bali National Park will now be relocated to the National Park, in the form of pine tree planting. This is Plataran Indonesia's way of contributing to the government's efforts to restore the Bromo savanna, which recently suffered from a fire.

These trips align with Plataran's three pillars: Nature, Culture, and Community, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for the guests.

As part of the promotional program, we invited influencers and media outlets to join the #EZTrip to Plataran with Bluebird Group to three destinations: Plataran Bandung on August 29 with Ionic 5 and Cititrans, Plataran Heritage Borobudur on August 29 - 31 with Bigbird, and Plataran Menjangan from September 1 - 3, also with Bigbird.

One of the influencers, Agnes Oryza, shared her positive experience. “The group trip to Menjangan turned out to be incredibly fun and hassle-free. This was because the trip had been pre-arranged by Plataran, and Bluebird provided a highly comfortable travel journey,” said Agnes. She added, “Plataran Menjangan is beautiful and far from the crowds, making it perfect for a brief escape. The food was exceptionally delicious, and there were also many exciting activities that brought us closer to nature. It was truly an unforgettable trip!”

The collaboration between Plataran Indonesia and Bluebird Group promises to redefine travel experiences, offering guests an unforgettable journey through Indonesia's rich cultural and natural heritage, with comfortable transport options.

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About Plataran Indonesia

Plataran Indonesia was founded in 2009 as an exotic Indonesian company that encompasses various facets of tourism, including hotels, resorts, cruises, spas, restaurants, event venues, and nature development areas. Plataran properties are dotted throughout many heavenly locations all over the Indonesian archipelago; the word "Plataran" itself means "God's favorite courtyard". The underpinning concept of Plataran is summarized with the three Xs: eXoticism, eXperience, and eXcellence, with a commitment to being a True Indonesian Icon, as well as the embodiment of three core
Plataran pillars in its daily operational activities: Nature, Culture, and Community.

About PT Blue Bird Tbk

PT Blue Bird Tbk (BIRD) is a publicly traded company in the passenger transportation and land transportation services sector, listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since November 5, 2014. Bluebird has 20 subsidiaries located in 18 different locations throughout Indonesia. The company's extensive distribution network includes over 600 exclusive points in hotels, malls, and shopping centers, as well as various online reservation channels. The expansion of accessibility is further reinforced by the MyBluebird booking application, which offers dozens of features and various transaction methods to support customer mobility and convenience.

Bluebird's business integration consists of seven main pillars, including regular taxi services, executive taxis, limousine and car rental services, bus rental, intercity shuttles, car auctions, logistics services, as well as car ownership and maintenance.

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